Packing Service

Move with an added bonus

Professional removal companies offer much more than transporting boxes and furniture. Ensure you move with an added bonus.

To most people, the thought of moving to a new house conjures up visions of half-packed rooms, items going missing and a whole lot of stress as they box up their lives for a change of scenery.

When it comes to the move itself, it’s safe to say any mover that is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) will know their stuff in terms of lifting and shifting. What some people don’t realise is that there is a range of other services some companies offer which can help make it a smooth process.

Packing Service

“With the additional services, the main ones are our packing service which makes sure that everything is taken care of. We can offer a handyman service for dismantling or rebuilding furniture. Not forgetting our unpacking service when your delivery arrives,” says Neil Purdie, Managing Director of Purdie Worldwide. “We can also take down curtains and offer electrical help with light fittings.”

It’s worth thinking about what “add-ons” you might want when your first contact a removal company for a home survey. Some will offer insurance packages which can be good value for money. You can also opt for a late key waiver allows you flexibility if there are any delays on moving day.

If you are planning to book a packing service, the movers will need to assess your belongings. This way they know what they will need in terms of materials and how long it will take to have everything safely wrapped up.

Move with an Added Bonus

“It’s really about the ease,” says Purdie. “Particularly if you are moving with children, it can be easier to live as you are at the time of the survey right up until the day before you move.”

“If the packing service is booked, we would go in the day before and pack everything up then. It just means there’s a bit less chaos in your life.”

Packing clothes and books is one thing. However, valuable items such as art, antiques and musical instruments. These require expert knowledge and skills in order to transport them safely to their destination.

“As a BAR remover, we will go to every length to make sure everything is packed safely. All our staff are rigorously trained to make sure that are up to date with the latest code of practice. We even have an in-house training room with items like a grandfather clock to show the staff how to pack them correctly.”

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