Our New Leaflets have arrived!

Having exhausted our current supply of leaflets, dishing out over 2000 leaflets in less than a year, helping over 1000 clients move to new homes, we set about designing our new leaflet for 2018. After several revision Our New Leaflets have arrived!

You may have noticed our new branded social media sites and our swanky business cards. With the positive feedback from these new designs we decided to use this style going forward with our new leaflets for 2018.

• Size

We trialled several different sizes of new leaflets. However we decided to keep the same 6 sided A5 letter fold leaflet as it had proven itself with the last leaflet. It wasn’t too big as to be an inconvience, yet still big enough not to be forgotten or left behind.

• Images

All of the photographs and text were created in-house, thus allowing the creative process to have feedback from all members of the team. So the finished booklet you see today, isn’t just one man, or an agency’s attempt to create something for someone else. Instead it is an entire companies collective experience and knowledge pulled together to produce something everyone can understand. We really hope the family business aspect of the business shines through with this leaflet. Seperating us from the large commerical movers and offering a distinctly personal service for every move.

• Distribution

We will be distributing these leaflets in 3 estate agents in Bathgate, Edinburgh and Stirling. So if you want a copy visit Martin & Co. in person here, or Murray & Currie estate agents here, and grab yourself a copy!

To dowload a .pdf version of our leaflet click here.

To view an interactive online version of our leaflet click here.

New Purdie Worldwide leaflets for 2018
New Purdie Worldwide leaflets for 2018