Moving Boxes

All packed up and ready to move!

Are you sure you’re Packed and Ready to Move? Moving day tips that will make the journey to your new home completely stress free!

• All Packed and Ready to Move?

All packed up & ready to move! Or so you wish! Packing for a move can seem like a mammoth task. Breakables will need to be wrapped with care, curtains taken down and boxes labelled for your new home.

“Really you should be starting to look at your removal process the minute you put your house on the market because you want to budget for ” says Neil Purdie, Managing Director of Purdie Worldwide.

“When you invite companies to give you quotes for your move, they should come and do a complete survey and give you some guidance on packing.”

• Recommendations

At Purdie Worldwide we recommend using a company registered with the British Association of Removers (BAR) as they have a code of conduct and high standards that need to be met by all members. This helps sort out the cowboys from the professionals.

Start the packing process by sifting through your beloniging; decide what’s staying and what’s heading for the bin or to the charity shop. Leaving clothes and lighter items in drawers can sace on packing time, although heavier objects should be removed and packed separately using paper and bubble wrap.

“Our main advice is that anything that fits in a box should be put in a box. Be sensible with the weight of the boxes-put heavier objects at the bottom, lighter objects at the top. People think removal men are supermen and can lift anything but that’s not the case.”


Labelling each box clearly will help the movers to distribute the boxes throughout your new home. Try to pack some essentials seperately to keep the family going while the move takes place. Nothing says new home like that first cuppa surrounded by boxes, so keep track of teabags, mugs and the kettle!

Some items, particularly valuable peices, will require special treatment when it comes to moving day; “We have bags for upright, baby grand and grand pianos. We would put it on what’s called a ‘piano shoe’ and it’s moved that way. If pictures are over a certain value then we can pack them in creates and sort all that for you. Once we arrive and we have the keys, we would take a quick walk round the new propety with the customer to make sure we know which room is which. The we’ll unload and remove the packaging.”

packed up and ready to move labels