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Servicing Our Fleet

Servicing our Fleet. At Purdie Worldwide we like to keep most operations in-house. This way we’re not relying on any sub-contractors or other companies. It’s just our staff and time we rely on. That’s why we have our own Workshop and 2 mechanics to make sure our entire fleet is kept up in tip top condition. Ready to go no matter the weather!

Van Service 1

Our most recent project in the workshop was replacing the gearbox on our smaller 59-plate Ford Connect van. It had developed a distinct rattle in anything other than 1st gear. The wheel bearings, clutch and flywheel had been changed last year, so it only left the gearbox as the last possible cause of the rattle. With a van coming up to 10 years old, most companies would consider scrapping the van, or selling it on to get a new one. However, at Purdie Worldwide we try to fix or repair almost anything, with this little van as no exception!

Van Service 3Having gotten the gearbox out and on the floor we found out the exact model we required. We managed to source a reconditioned gearbox online and had it delivered the very next day. After a careful comparrison between the 2 gearboxes we all agreed we had the right gearbox to swap over. It took slightly longer than anticipated to fit the new box. The old gearbox came off easy enough, but the old one was very diffcult to lift up into place. Having to use a third man to help position the box, we finally got 2 bolts through the bell housing. This allowed us to pull the gearbox up straight and into it’s rightful location.

After a thorough service including all new filters, glow-plugs, oil and a deep clean of the intercooler and EGR valve, the van is now back on the road, as good as new!

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