Decluttering your Home

Decluttering your home in 5 Simple Steps!

The best time of year to start decluttering your home, is New Year!

You’ve got a whole host of new presents for Christmas, and you’ll already be thinking about throwing out that old sweater you’ve been wearing since the start of the holidays. So what better time to start decluttering your house than now! That way you can look forward to a whole year of less clutter before the kids leave their toys behind and the dog sheds all over your nice Christmas rug…


Step 1

Set Goals! It’s easy to start at one side of the house and slowly trawl through the clutter. However, if you make a plan of all the rooms in your house with all the key areas of clutter you want to sort out highlighted, it will give you a decent set of goals to aim towards.

Step 2

bathroom-declutterA sorting system is a much. Get a KEEP, GET RID and a PUTAWAY set of boxes or bins to start off your decluttering. Starting in the bathroom always seems a strange place to start, but it is often where we find the most clutter. Or at least, the easest clutter to sort out! Start with your medicine cabinet. Throw out anything that is out of date or you’re not going to use again. Store your most commonly used medicines at your eye level so they are easy to get to. Anything you’ve not used in a while, like that bathbomb you got 4 Christmas’ ago, throw it out.

Step 3


Decluttering your clothing could take a while, but here’s an idea that will have you decluttered in no time at all. Take out all your clothes from your wardrobe and hang them all back in into your wardrobe, but face them backwards. Every time you use an item of clothing from the wardrobe you put it back, but face it forwards. In a few months you can go into your wardrobe and easily see all the clothes you’ve not worn that are facing backwards and then pass them onto a charity shop or similar.


Step 4

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Those are 3 words you’ll hear a lot at Purdie Worldwide. In the home there are lots of ways to reduce, reuse and recycle to aid the decluttering process. You can reduce the amount of clothes or things you were sure you’d need but haven’t used in a while. Re-use old boxes for storage, or why not have a car boot sale with all your old belongings! Lastly but most importantly, is to recycle any older items. Donating them to a charity is one option, or take a look at the freecycle website.

Step 5

Don’t Rush! Most people will try and declutter in one day. However, not everyone can focus on one task for 8 hours a day. So break it up. Why not consider putting some of your less frequently used items into Storage? We offer excellent priced storage units in various sizes, and also offer a Door-2-Store service so you can pack at your own pace and we collect the container when you’re ready!

If you have any other or better ideas for decluttering your home we’d love to hear from you!