CPC Training and Photographs for Team 2018

Yesterday was a bit of a different day at Purdie Worldwide HQ. Especially for Team 2018.

Team 2018

Normally the yard is pretty much empty during the day, with most of the men and wagons out on jobs leaving only Archie and his forklift in the yard. Yesterday saw 90% of Team 2018 getting CPC training for the majority of the day. You can read more about CPC training here.

We took this opportunity to get all the trucks (except the 4 that were out doing smaller jobs) cleaned and setup for what will become an annual photograph. Although it did start to snow, we did manage to get a few good pictures of the fleet before it got too dark.

As soon as the men were finished their training we grabbed them as well for a quick Team 2018 photograph. There are few faces missing, and the cold conditions made things a bit tricky, but we got at least one good shot of Team 2018. Hopefully when the weather’s a bit nicer and we’ve got some new vans and everyone present we’ll get a better picture. Preferably without the crazy different head gear some our team seem to enjoy wearing…