Choosing the Best Removal Company

At face value, choosing the cheapest man and a van to do your removal would seem like the best option. However, the smart money is in Choosing the Best Removal Company.

What makes the Best Removal Company?

Not many men and vans will ever be able to keep up with the speed and efficiency of a Professional Removal Crew. The hourly rate for a man and van will ultimatley be cheaper, but the time it will take them to complete the job will also be a lot longer compared to a Professional Crew.

Best Removal Company Team 2018

Choosing the Best Removal Company

Check the feedback on your chosen companies, have they got any social media pages you can look at, or check review sites for recent reviews. Check and see if the companies you’re looking at using are members of any official industry regulated body or group such as the International Association of Movers (IAM) or the British Association of Removers (BAR). The advantages of using a company registered with the BAR are quite impressive; There are minimum standards of conduct and a code of practice for BAR membership that look at a companies legal history, licenced vehicles, deposit protection and free concilation in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

BAR Requirements

• You can be rest assured that when choosing a BAR member all their employees have been suitably trained and operated from licenced commerical properties. Not a man and van operating from their home with no proper insurance or protection.

• BAR members BAR-TSI-Logooffer insurance as standard for your possessions.

• Provide a fixed price written quotation and contract in plain English.

• Comply with all relevant regulatory standards

• Act in the customer’s best interests at all times

• Agree to an annual inspection from the BAR themselves

Questions to Ask

Best Removal Company Looking Professional• Check what level of insurance is offered, the excess amounts and the level of coverage. If something is of high value, make sure the company are aware of it’s value and they will arrange special transport or packing if required.

• Are they member os the BAR? If not, why?

• How long has the company been trading for? (Purdie Worldwide celebrates it’s 60th Anniversary in 2020!)

• Packing materials – some companies charge seperately or after the move for packing materials. Make sure this is included if you’re using a packing service. You can buy packing materials from us right here.

Best Removal Company Passing Boxes• How long will the move take? Many companies quote a cheap hourly rate but then drag the job out across 2 days. The majority of house moves at Purdie Worldwide take less than a day excluding travel time.

• What about security? If you’re goods are left on a van overnight, or taken to a storage location, make sure and ask about the security and insurance implications of this.

• Do they have a depot or headquarters you could visit? This is the best way to get a true impression of what the company is really like. You’re more than welcome to visit Purdie Worldwide HQ anytime!


Best Removal Company BoxesMany companies offer a packing service. However, not many of them are actually trained or have the specific qualifications to pack properly. We’ve had many boxes from non BAR members arrive at our depot. Some are packed well, but some have been jammed packed without any protection or proper packing. All of the porter staff at Purdie Worldwide are fully trained in packing and always ensure your goods are packed to ensure zero damage. We use the latest in packing materials such as Furni-Soft and Easy-Tear Low-Tak Tape. These are also available to buy online from our shop.

Payment Options

All legitimate removal companies will accept all major credit and debit cards (no charge for credit cards as of 2018), bank transfer or even cheques. If the company you’re using require payment by cash, or offers a discount for paying cash. Then think very carefully before signing your contract.

Uniformed Staff

Best Removal Company with Storage Options

A good looking professional company is one where every worker is wearing the same uniform. If your man and van turn up in TapOut or Sports T-Shirts I’d be very wary of their skills and expertise. Everyone at Purdie Worldwide is given a full uniform when starting. This includes a rip-stop pair of workman’s trousers, several polo-shirts, jumpers, jacket and not forgetting Steel toe-capped boots.

If you have any questions or suggestions as to choosing the best removal company, drop us an email.