Top European Relocation Destinations

With the after effects of Brexit still hanging over us, we’ve been getting a lot of enquiries regarding relocating to the continent. Not just from members of the public but also commercial groups looking for relocation information. So take a look below as we list our top 5 European Relocation Destinations.

European Relocation Destination
5. Italy

Main Cities: Rome, Milan, Venice

Population: 60.67m

GDP: £1.23 billion

Temperature: 26°C in Summer.

Why Italy?: Situated in southern Europe bordering several countires and the Mediterranean Sea it is commonly referred to as “The Boot” due to it’s shape. It boasts one of the largest GDPs worldwide and has one of the highest living standards in the world. Famous for it’s Roman History, Italy offers great opportunities for business entrepreneurs and those willing to invest heavily. The weather is generally much better than the UK and the Italian culture offers fantastic experiences with lots of Roman architecture to admire throughout the country.


European Relocation Destination
4. France

Main Cities: Paris, Normandy, Tolouse

Population: 64.61m

GDP: £1.64 billion

Temperature: 20°C in Summer.

Why France?: Located in the west of Europe, extending from the Mediterranean to the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Economically France is doing well, with an increase in GDP over the past few years. The majority of  it’s GDP comes from tourism, so you’d be welcome if you’re an ex-pat or just on holiday. The standard of living has increased by 10 years since the 70s and its on the rise. From the North of France, steeped in Military History, to the south of France, featuring French Riveria, there is something for all walks of life France.


European Relocation Destination
3. Germany

Main Cities: Berlin, Munich, Dortmund

Population: 82.18m

GDP: £856 billion

Temperature: 22°C in Summer.

Why Germany?: Located in the Heart of Europe, Germany has seen some massive changes over the past 50 years or so. Cities like Berlin and Munich have been entirely rebuilt after the war and offer modern facilities and fantastic examples of modern architecture not found anywhere else in Europe. With one of the larest GDPs in the world it’s considered a major player in the global market. The standard of living in Germany in extremely high, with public transport only second to Japan in terms of reliability and timeliness. From the Green Forrests in the heart of Germany to the Disney Castle’s on the Germany-Austrian border, there’s something for everybody in Germany.


European Relocation Destination
2. Netherlands

Main Cities: Amsterdam, The Hague

Population: 17.03m

GDP: £518.37 billion

Temperature: 19°C in Summer.

Why the Netherlands?: Probably the closest in terms of distance and culture to the UK, the Netherlands share a lot of features with our home countries. Apart from having zero hills and a distinctly more liberal attitude, the Netherlands is not only a popular tourist destination, but home to the European Union in The Hague. Committed to neutrality, tolerance and global cooperation the Netherlands is the ideal place for those who wish to remain apart from the struggles within Europe and abroad. With the highest score in quality of life surveys, it’s clear that the Netherlands would be the easiest and most pleasant place to relocate too.


European Relocation Destination
1. Spain

Main Cities: Barcelona, Madrid

Population: 46.4m

GDP: £821.7 billion

Temperature: 24°C in Summer.

Why Spain?: Covering the South West of Europe, Spain has, and still is the most popular destination for British families relocate too. Including the Balearic and Canary Islands, the country is the most popular tourist destination for the British public. Although stunningly beautiful, Spain has suffered since the economic crisis in 2008. With high un-employment rates, the GDP has also taken a blow, but things are looking up. As of 2017 the prognosis for Spain has improved, with tourism up on the previous year, and a growth in Spanish agriculture; a first in over 2 decades. Regardless of these small issues, Spain remains Top European Relocation Destination.


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