Our Self-Store Guide

Self-Store Guide

At Purdie Worldwide we offer individual self-store rooms contained within our 3 large storage warehouses. With units varying in size from 16-500ft², covered by a 24/7 CCTV system and 6-day access during work hours, they are ideal for Commercial or Domestic customers who wish to use their own transport or require constant access.

Having a Self-Store Unit can not only give you that much needed extra storage space, but it also allows you to declutter your home and keep everything in tip top condition!

Is your garden overcrowded with with unused furniture from last summer? Or do you fancy finally clearing that spare room now that the kids are off to university? Check out all our storage options.

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Whether you’ve just run out of space at home, your new home doesn’t have a shed, or you finally want to reclaim your garage and use it as it was intended, choose a Self-Store Unit from Purdie Worldwide. With introductory offers that can’t be missed, contact us today to book your self-store unit! We can even provide boxes to pack with and store in your self-store unit.

25ft² Self-Store Guide

Our 25ft² unit is one of our most popular units. With a ceiling 2 metres high, these storage units are designed to take one or two sofas, or a bed and a few boxes.

Or perhaps that garden shed wasn’t as strong as you’d hoped, and you need to store the lawnmower and strimmer over winter? These little units are perfect for that little extra storage space!

25ft-self-store guide

35ft² Self-Store Guide

Our 35ft² units are a bit of an in between size, but still with a 2 metre high roof. Where a big curved couch wouldn’t quite fit into our 25ft² units, these 35ft² have just that little extra width and depth to allow curved couches and large wardrobes in without too much of a problem.

Need even more space? Try out our 50ft² unit below.

35ft-self-store guide

50ft² Self-Store Guide

Our 50ft² units are our best value for money storage units. With a 2m high ceiling you can comfortably fit a full room or two from your house into one of these units.

It’s double the width of our 25ft² units, but at the same depth. This way there’s always going to be a bit more space to play about with and load and unload your goods more efficiently.

50ft-self-store guide

75ft² Self-Store Guide

Our 75ft² units are designed not only for the home owner in need of more space, but also small business owners who require constant access.

In practice we tend to find the entire contents of a one bedroom house, including appliances, will fit into one of these 75ft² units without too much issue. However, check below for even more storage space with our 100 and 300ft² units.

75ft-self-store guide

100ft² Self-Store Guide

Our 100ft² units are usually reserved for entire house moves, when there is a gap in between moving out and moving into a new home. We offer 2 weeks free storage for anyone looking to bridge the gap between their houses!

Inluding your home appliances, a full 2 bedroom house will fit into one of these units with ease, providing you’ve not got a lot of gardening equipment to be added on too.

100ft-self-store guide

300ft² Self-Store Guide

Our 300ft² units can house an entire business, or 3 or more bedroom house without diffculty. With double doors and plenty available space, these large units are designed to accept even the biggest items of furniture or business equipment.

Looking at some of these units but you ideally need somewhere you can house documents? Then we also offer bespoke document storage and scanning services to help any small or medium business keep on top of their storage.

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