How to Pack Effectively

Although at Purdie Worldwide we offer a very reasonable packing service where our highly trained staff wrap and pack all your goods so you don’t have to, some clients prefer to pack themselves. Although this makes the job cheaper for the client, sometimes it can be an absolute nightmare for the removers if the boxes aren’t packed correctly and effectively.

Steps to Pack Effectively

1) Pack by Rooms – Keep similar room items together, books, CDs, DVDs, kitchen utensils etc.


2) Vehicle Check – Ensure your car has been serviced and your tyres are fully inflated. The last thing you want is to load up your car and go to set-off to find a flat tyre and you have to unload everything again!


3) Personal Boxes – Use bright colours to easily itentify different boxes for each member of the family. That way you, and you move team can easily identify which boxes go into which room.


4) Check the Utilities – Check all the light switches, appliances, taps & toilets in your new home. If anything is broken, address it before you settle in.


5) Get Organised – Tape names to doors to assist movers; make a floor plan to make it even easier for the movers to put your goods in the right place.


6) Recycle – If you don’t want it, recycle or sell it before the packing starts.


7) Use Cushions – Cushions and towels are the perfect materials to protect your goods. They give excellent shock absorption when used to wrap up any furniture or fragile items such as plates or mugs.


8) Cleaning Kit – A cleaning kit ensures you don’t have to go opening boxes to find all those cleaning products you put into several different boxes when you first packed up!