Accept No Imitations

It’s come to our attention that someone near Stranraer posing as a Man with a Van has been using the pictures of our vans from our website to advertise their services. Although we got this taken down very quickly, we thought now would be a good time to illustrate the differences between ourselves and your a-typical man and van.

As a BAR member we adhere to a strict code of practice. Spanning more than 100 years, the British Association of Removers has overseen the evolution of the removals industry in the UK into a professional trade. With the help and support of all the BAR members we’re able to meet every challenge head on and fulfil every contract we win.

The stereo-typical man and van has no code of practice to adhere to except their own. They answer only to themselves and commonly rely on undercutting the competition to get work. This not only devalues our services but lowers the standards across the board.

Our code of practice allows you as a customer to understand what is expected in terms of:

  • The standards of service you will receive
  • The quality of the materials used
  • The standards of vehicles and warehouses
  • Staff training requirements
  • What will happen if something goes wrong

…and most importantly the Code requires BAR Members to deal with you in a courteous and sympathetic way at all times.

So when choosing a removal company, don’t go for the smallest or cheapest firm. Accept no imitations, look for the BAR badge for starters as you’ll be covered every step of the way.

Is this well packed?


Always look for the badge…

BAR forklift