5 Strange Items Banned Around the World

Strange Items Banned Around the World

If you’re moving abroad there are many things to think about and consider. From a new language to learn or a different currency, there are some things that you wouldn’t expect to have to worry about when moving or shipping goods abroad. There are a number of banned items you can’t take abroad with you.Like packing that baby walker before you head off to Canada. Oh wait, baby walkers are banned in Canada. You knew that right? Of course not! In fact there are many items you wouldn’t expect to be banned, but in some countries bringing these items with you could result in a fine, or worse jail time!

Here is a list of our top 5 strange items that are banned from being shipped to certain countries around the world.

1. Baby Walkers

In Canada baby walkers are actually banned from being brought into the country. Citing extensive evidence from several studies the Canadian Government believe that baby walkers actually cause more harm than good, with injuries relating to baby walkers the main cause of infant injuries in the 1990s. As a result in 2004 they banned baby-walkers outright. So if your child isn’t quite walking by the time you move to Canada, expect to throw them in at the deep end and learn without any aids!


2. Flip Flops

In Italy you’re fine to bring in flips flops, you just can’t use or bring them onto the Italian island of Capri where they are banned. The reason being they make too much noise! In 2010 couple were arrested for wearing fli flops and were each fined £100 for “breaching public decorum”. In fact the Italians have been adding some interesting laws in recent years to “better safeguard citizens security”, including the banning of Sandcastles and the collecting of shells, with fines ranging from £20-£200!


3. Blue Jeans

Considered as stereotypically American or part of the Western concept, blue jeans are banned from Communist North Korea. It’s current Leader Kim Jong Un has outlawed pretty much anything that portrays Western ideas or concepts. In fact, if Kim Jong Un hasn’t go one, then you can’t have it. The general public of North Korea even have specific hairstyles and a maximum hair length they must adhere too! Crazy Biscuits! Definitely one of the strangest items banned around the world!


4. Vicks Inhaler

In a moderately colder climate such as the one we have here in the UK, colds and runny noses are common place especially in Winter. Many people in the UK and Europe use Vicks inhalers to help decongest and unlock their nasal passages. However, when travelling to Japan you’d better leave your Vick’s Inhaler at home or you’re at risk of a fine or even deporatation! Due to Japan’s strict anti-stimulant drug laws, any drugs containing pseudoephedrine like Sudafed and the aforementioned Vicks inhalers are items banned around the world, in particular, Japan.


5. Chewing Gum

Even as far back as last century chewing gum has been banned in Singapore and is one of the strange items banned around the world. Completely banned in 1992, the only way to get gum in Singapore is via dental prescription or as a stop-smoking aid. Action was called on the badly littered streets of Singapore way back in 1983, when then Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew, noticed how much money was being spent on cleaning chewing gum from the streets. Since the ban some people travelled to neighbouring Malaysia to purchase chewing gum but were quickly named and shamed by the Singapore government.

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