Removals UK Checklist To Prepare For Your Move

When it comes to moving house, whether that’s just a mile away or a big international move, there are a number of details to cover and things to get done. You may want to get organised in advance but don’t know when or where to start. That’s why Purdie Worldwide, one of the leading moving companies in Scotland have made a list that is easy for you to follow to start planning in advance and make sure you’re well organised for the week of moving.

So where to begin?


  • Around three months before your removal, you can start your list.
  • This will make you organised and less stressed come the day the Man with the van arrives.


Three months beforehand


  • Check out removal services, particularly if you are planning an international move, as you will need to book your move in advance.
  • Get at least three moving quotes, and check references carefully to help you decide on the right company for you.
  • De-clutter. Start to sell things that can go to a new home, donate to charity or simply throw away old, used goods.


Two months beforehand


  • Start collecting boxes or look up “removal companies near me” and ask them to deliver some.
  • Now is the time to give notice on your place if you are renting. This is a legal requirement.
  • Whilst giving your notice, read carefully through your tenancy agreement about the terms, and how to get your deposit back.
  • Let your internet provider know that you will be leaving, particularly if you need to cancel the contract.
  • Request time off work for moving day


One month to go


  • Let your landline provider know that you are leaving.
  • If you’re moving within the UK, change your address with the HMRC.
  • Also, do the same with your tax details.
  • Inform your local council, so that you’ll be registered to vote at your new address
  • If you want to be really organised, start packing goods you know won’t be used until after your move (such as Christmas decorations, birthday party things, curtains from the spare room)
  • Check if the moving van will have space or if there are any restrictions that will prevent them delivering your goods to the new address.
  • Insure your goods for moving


Two weeks to go


  • Remind your boss that you need the time off!
  • Arrange for childcare or pet care on moving day
  • Start emptying cupboards and getting the freezer down
  • Let your doctor know that you are leaving and look for a new one in your new area
  • Send your children’s records to their new school
  • Stop any regular deliveries such as newspapers or magazines
  • Transfer your contents insurance to the new home
  • Change the address on your drivers licence and vehicle registration certificate


It’s Time to Move!


  • Once it’s move week, it’s all about the house packing but you can rest assured that you’re prepared in all other areas and simply focus on the move itself.


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