Attempting House Removals in the Scottish Rain? Here are a Few Tips!

If you’re planning on moving house, whether to the rolling hills of Lomond or to a cosmopolitan European city, you probably haven’t thought about how the weather might be when moving day arrives! Of course it’s virtually impossible to plan house removals for sunny weather and we often don’t consider that, in fact, we’re far more likely to be packing and moving on rainy days, given our geographical location. You can plan your move for the summer but moving companies will tell you that it doesn’t really matter what month it is, you should be prepared for a rainy day. Then, if it’s sunny, you’ll be organised and delighted! So how do you get prepared? Purdie Worldwide, experts at removals in the UK and abroad are here to help with some friendly advice.

Here are our suggestions to make moving day successful come rain or shine.

1. Begin your packing early

The sooner you start, the sooner you finish and you’ll be ready to go, which saves you rushing around looking for boxes and a man with a van when it’s chucking it down. Our top tips are to start packing around 3 weeks in advance of your move. Don’t start a week before as you’ll end up in a panic, and shoving boxes in is no good, as they’ll fall out in a rush and get totally soaked.

2. Listen to the weatherman (but don’t blame him!)

You can check the weather forecast in order to be more prepared. Knowing about it will help you feel more in control. If you know that’s it’s going to be rainy you can put down cardboard boxes or plastic coverings the day before. You don’t have to wait around for the news at night, simply look online at reliable sources or get an app on your phone.


3. Make sure everything is extra protected

The best way to be prepared is to get the help of expert moving companies who know what they are doing. If you’re handling it yourself, then here are some top tips for packing

• Wrap big pieces of furniture in blankets, then wrap that with tape, and add stretch wrap so they don’t get wet
• Cover your mattresses in stretch wrap so they don’t get damp
• Close all packed boxes properly (use another box if they won’t close). You can fill any gaps with newspapers.
• Plastic containers will make everything stay dry, but in the summer, things can sweat
• Put lots of tape around your cardboard boxes
• Stacks of clothing can go in plastic bags or big black bags
• Protect pictures and paintings by wrapping in stretch wrap

Add additional protection such as bubble wrap, stretch wrap, tape or blankets to protect your goods if it’s particularly inclement.


4. Safety first

There are some other things that will help ease the process. Put on rain gear and gloves to prevent slipping and dropping and to keep yourself dry. Also take care when driving, the rain can cause accidents.

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If you need removal services in Scotland, whether overseas or domestic, Purdie Worldwide would be happy to help, regardless of what the weather does. Simply give us a call us on 01506 652792 or email [email protected]