The Removian Man

The Removian Man

Back in the 15th Century Leonardo Da Vinci put pen to paper and created the Vitruvian Man which roughly translated means “The proportions of the Human Body according to Vitruvius”. Over 500 years later here at Purdie Worldwide we thought we’d recreate the Vitruvian Man in the form of a Removal Man complete with the all the tools and equipment a traditional Removal Man would use.

The Anatomy of a Removal Man

At first glance there may not be much difference between a Professional Removal Man and your stereotypical Man & Van worker. However, if you look closer you can tell that Removal Men are indeed in a class of their own.

1) Low-Tac Easy Tear Tape

This tape has been developed specifically for the removal industry and designed to be used on cardboard boxes for maximum strength and reliability. The easy tear properties also helps save on hefty dental bills! Why not buy our tape online via our online shop?

2) Box Cutter (Knife)

The standard go-to equipment for any removal man. Ideal for quickly opening up boxes, it’s also ideal for cutting furniture wrap and bubble wrap down to size.

3) Job Sheet

No Removal Team leaves our yard without a Job Sheet. These detail the exact specifications and requirements for each job. They are also used for obtaining customer signatures and feedback for our Trust Pilot account.

4) Marker Pen

No biros or pencils here, a sharpie or permanent marker is always on hand to fill out job sheets or write on boxes.

5) Branded Uniform

Not only does a branded uniform give a real professional look, it also gives each of our Removal Men a sense of individuality with their names embroidered on their jackets. We also have our Euromovers badge and Trust Pilot badge embroidered on either jacket sleeve to finish off the perfect removian man.

6) Safety Shoes

Although steel toe capped boots were the standard for many years in the Removal Industry, things have moved on a fair bit. You’ll see a lot of our Removal Men wearing what look like hiking trainers, but in actual fact are steel-toe capped safety trainers; a must when working in the Removals Industry where toes can quickly become a commodity without the proper protection.

7) High-Vis Trousers

Although we don’t tend or plan to do Removals at night jobs can overrun and our teams sometime work at night. That’s where our reflective striped trousers allow them to be spotted very easily when going to and from a removal truck at night. The ideal form of clothing for a removian man.

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