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Save Money on House Removals

How to Save Money on House Removals

When you’re faced with moving quotes it may surprise you to see how expensive it can be. Along with the stress of the move and how much work you have to put in, you don’t need the added pressure of the costs. It’s challenging to move cities on a tight budget and once you’ve found your new home, you probably need to save every last penny. Would you like to know some ways that you can save money on moving house? Well, Purdie Worldwide are here to give you some tips – completely free.

Make your move easier and more affordable with these tips!

1. Time to De-Clutter

Now is the time to get rid of anything that you don’t need. There’s no point in paying the extra to carry more stuff that you may not even use in the next year! Organise yourself and throw out old clothes, toys, shoes and kitchen appliances that don’t work anymore. Donate books and clothes to charity. If there’s a piece of furniture that won’t suit your new home, sell it online. This will save money on house removals, and maybe make yourself some extra cash while you’re at it!


If you can’t bear to part with some of your goods, but don’t want to move them, then consider our storage options. With our door-2-store service we can drop off a storage unit at your home, you can fill it, then we take it back and put it into storage.

2. Get Moving Boxes for Free

Boxes can cost a lot of money, and they’ll then get thrown away as they take up space. Don’t waste money on boxes and packing materials. Buying boxes is a waste of money. Look around grocery stores and ask friends if they have any spare boxes. If you have bought new appliances for your new place, keep those boxes and use them for your move. Also, hiring good moving companies means that they’ll provide boxes for you, free of charge or a small rental fee. Perfect to save money on house removals.

3. Find a Reliable Removals Service

Go online and check out removals companies near you. See what others have said and read reviews then call a few up and speak to them about your move. Finding a good removals company will take a lot of stress out of your move and reliable firms will work with you to find an acceptable quote for packing and moving your things.

4. Check for Discounts

When you are doing your research, find out how much a move like yours usually costs and if possible speak to someone who has done a similar move. Take recommendations from family and friends. If you see something that looks too good to be true, then it normally is. So, by all means, look for a discount but if it is 50% less than other suppliers then ask yourself why. Perhaps not the best way to save on house removals.

5. Move out of season

If you choose the right time to move, then you will save money. Peak season for moving is during school holidays and particularly the summer. If you can identify a period outside of these that you can move, then you can strike a bargain. When the demand is lower, you’ll have more space to make a deal with most good moving companies.

Furniture Movers UK

These tips should help ease the financial burden of moving. If you’d like any other advice on house removals whether overseas or domestic, Purdie Worldwide would be happy to help. Simply give us a call us on 01506 652792 or email

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