5 Top Tips for Moving Abroad

Tips for Moving Abroad with Purdie Worldwide

Whether you’re relocating for your dream job or spending your retirement in the sunshine, moving abroad can be an incredibly exciting time and one of life’s biggest adventures. Nevertheless, there are some steps you should take for a stress-free relocation, which is why we’ve shared our 5 top tips for moving abroad.

1.Research Legal Requirements

Before you move abroad you’ll need to research the laws of your chosen destination and complete all the paperwork needed for a legal emigration, including meeting visa requirements. These are different for countries across the world, so check what you’ll need to do before making concrete relocation plans. Don’t forget to consider tax requirements, compare insurance policies, and obtain an international driving licence before you make the big move.


2. Contact Your Current Bank

Avoid any money-related nightmares by ensuring that you have access to your financial information at all times. Perhaps most importantly, make sure to discuss your upcoming living arrangements with your current bank to stop them from blocking your account when they notice transactions from an unfamiliar place. Some banks won’t allow you to have a bank account if you no longer have a home address, so make sure to consider this if you don’t plan on returning to your home country.


3. Find a New Bank

Once you’ve contacted your current bank, it’s time to choose a new branch in your future home country. Do your research beforehand to see which banks other expats have recommended and check that there’s a branch local to where you’ll be living. It’s also important to check that they’ll allow international bank transfers, which you’ll need if you ever want to transfer your wages to a bank account in your home country or vice versa.


4. Consider Shipping Versus Storage

Once everything else is in place, it’s time to decide what to take and what to put in storage. If you’re only moving abroad temporarily, it may be worth storing your furniture instead of moving it back and forth between countries. Self storage can also be useful when staggering the relocation process, giving you the opportunity to settle in and find a place to stay before moving your belongings across the world. Alternatively, international shipping services may be the better option if you’re planning a long-term move.


5. Find the Best International Moving Company

Finding a reputable international storage and removals company is crucial for a hassle-free move. A good storage and removals company, such as Purdie Worldwide Removals, will go above and beyond to ensure the safe relocation of your belongings. With a dedicated team of expert movers, we have everything you need for a seamless move abroad. We even hold a full international shipping licence, enabling us to ship our customers’ possessions to destinations across the globe quickly and efficiently. We hope you’ve learned a few points from our Tips for Moving Abroad!


If you’ve liked these tips for moving abroad, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Purdie Worldwide for our full list of removals, shipping and storage services. Or fill out one of our quote forms.

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