Late Key Waiver – Is it worth it?

Unfortunately, even the best laid plans come un-done. You’ve booked the removal company to come at 1pm and they anticipate having the job finished by 5pm. However, there’s a problem with your estate agent, and through no fault of your own you don’t get your keys until 5pm. Before all of this you should have been offer a late key waiver by your removal company.

How much could you save?

Fortunately you were smart enough to pay the extra cost for a late-key waiver, and those extra 4 hours the removal men worked, you don’t have to pay for! However, if you hadn’t have taken the late-key waiver you would’ve been liable for not only the men’s time, but the truck time, and the time and a half the men would get for working past 5pm. If you add all that together, even for just 4 hours of overtime, you’re talking almost half the cost of your move again!


Reasons for Delay

There are several reasons why a move could be delayed and impact your moving schedule:

The most common delay is always waiting on keys from solicitors and estate agents; they always seem to go on lunch just when you need them the most! Similarly, the transfer of funds is never as instant as they claim to be, and some “waiting time” is due to techincal issues totally outwith your control.

Sometimes, other removal companies aren’t as quick as our Professional Removers and some are still on-site moving their client out as we arrive to move ours in.

With a late-key waiver there’s no added charge for this “waiting time”.


Complete Piece of Mind with a Late Key Waiver

We offer late-key waivers on every house to house move, and any storage to house move. This way you’re completely protected from any extra costs should there be any delays, providing you’ve paid for the late key waiver.

When moving with Purdie Worldwide you get your very own surveyor who is your main point of contact throughout your move, there to answer any questions, or alleviate any fears you might have.


For more information on late key waivers, or any other removal questions, please don’t hesitate to call us or contact us today.

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