The Most Valuable Discoveries from Storage Units

People can gather a lot of possessions over a lifetime, and there will likely be occasions when there simply isn’t enough space in your home to store them all. Whether you’re moving house, downsizing or moving office – self storage units can be a convenient place to store large or valuable items on a short or long term basis. It can be difficult to keep track of everything stored in such containers, and often people move, pass away or forget what they’ve left in storage! See a roundup below of some of the most unusual or valuable items found in storage units worldwide.

Rare Coins

A man named John from San Jose, California paid $1,100 dollars for an abandoned storage unit at an auction. After opening it up, he discovered rare antique coins inside, as well as gold and silver bars with a total value of $500,000!


A James Bond car

In 1989 an American man and his brother purchased a storage unit at auction for the bargain price of $100. Inside was an old car with a damaged roof; it was in very poor condition so the pair didn’t pay much notice. After driving the vehicle out of the container, it turns out it was none other than the Lotus  Esprit Submarine from the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. It was eventually sold to entrepreneur Elon Musk for a cool $1 million.


Newspapers reporting the death of Elvis

An episode of US television programme Storage Wars from 2010 produced one of the most valuable finds in storage history. An unseen storage unit was bought at auction for $250, and on inspection contained stacks of old newspapers, in mint condition. So far, so unremarkable – except these papers happened to be from August 16th 1977, the day Elvis Presley died. They later sold for $95,000 dollars.


Beach Boys memorabilia

A radio station in Florida bought a storage unit for $300, expecting nothing more than something interesting to talk about on air. Inside was a collection of seemingly mundane documents, which turned out to be a treasure trove of Beach Boys memorabilia, including handwritten lyrics, unseen photos, musical arrangements and contracts. The collection was so extensive that the band themselves took on a tough legal battle to have the items returned; it eventually all sold for a whopping $6 million.


Vintage Harley Davidson

In 2015 a woman in Australia purchased an old storage unit for 400 Australian dollars, unaware that it had been used to store a Harley Davidson motorcycle for the past 50 years. The bike was in fact dated all the way back to 1927 and was later valued at an impressive $425,000.


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