The Happiest Countries to Live In Worldwide

Most people have probably dreamed at some point of quitting their job and moving thousands of miles away to relax on an Australian beach or sip coffee on the streets of Paris. For some it’s a pipe dream, but many people do move to entirely different countries to pursue love, family or a great career opportunity. Happiness is of course entirely subjective depending on your goals and values, but there are a number of measures used to calculate a country’s happiness rating; including GDP, life expectancy and social support. With this in mind, see below for some of the highest rated countries on the happiness and satisfaction scale, and you might get some inspiration for your next move.


Denmark may be a relatively small country (with a population of 5.7million), but it consistently tops lists of the happiest places to live. There are high levels of social fairness, connectivity and low start-up costs – so any budding entrepreneurs have a great head start. There’s also excellent support for families with an annual parental leave of 52 weeks and free health care for children and mothers.

Demark Happy


Canadians have a reputation as some of the friendliest people in the world, and no wonder when living in Canada has so much going for it. There’s a lot of freedom of choice in this North American country, as well as a tolerant and welcoming atmosphere. The gorgeous scenery doesn’t hurt either, with many Canadians enjoying plenty of physical activity outdoors like hiking or skiing.



Beaches and glorious sunshine aside, Australia has a strong economy and very low unemployment rate. There’s also decent health care, a low crime rate, and with so much open, unpopulated space, a cleaner environment than some major countries.



Linking Central and South America, Panama has a population of just over 4 million, but this relatively small country has plenty to offer. The economy is thriving but living costs are still relatively cheap. Cars aren’t really necessary as the public transport links are so good, and there’s a big emphasis on family and community. There are plenty of festivals and carnivals too, including the Orchid Festival in April and the five day International Festival of the Sea in September.



Iceland is rather isolated, but eight out of ten Icelanders report being very happy living there. There’s said to be a high level of trust amongst inhabitants there and very strong social bonds. There’s also high quality health care, good rates for maternity leave and plenty for the eco-conscious, like eco-friendly heating and a higher level of unpolluted air.


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