The Advantages of Using Removal Services

Here at Purdie Worldwide, our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. After all, we provide a service that is designed to assist people at some of the most crucial points in their lives. Whether you’re moving home or relocating your business, Purdie Worldwide has it covered.

Moving into a new house or office space is often an expensive time in one’s life and additional purchases inevitably have to be made. You may require new furniture, white goods or you may simply want to buy a few knick-knacks to make the place more homely. Whatever way you look at it, this is a costly venture and hiring a removal service may seem like a luxury that just can’t be justified. However, many companies are able to provide a unique service that is specifically tailored to a person’s needs and budget. You can therefore hire the services you need and forgo the ones you don’t.

As commercial and domestic removal specialists, it will come as no surprise that we are advocates for hiring a professional service to assist you on the big day- but what exactly do these businesses offer that make them integral to the moving process? Below, we explore the many benefits that come with hiring a moving company.


Less Stress

Relocating is an exciting but exhausting time in one’s life when stress levels are often at their peak. There is so much that needs to be planned and prepared for the big event that evenings spent zoning out in front of the tv can seem like a distant memory. So what are moving companies able to offer that can make this transition as painless as possible?



A fast, professional, efficient service

At Purdie Worldwide we understand that once you’ve made the decision to move into a new space, all you want to do is get in there and start making it your own. That’s why we have built up a team of staff that are extremely well versed on the ins and outs of domestic and commercial moves. We believe the best removal services are the ones that are speedy yet thorough and we definitely succeed in striking that balance.


Packing Service

Although the key function of a removal company is in the name, this is by no means the extent of what they can offer. Many companies have made it their business to evolve past the conventional man with a van in order to do more for their customers. One common thing that removal businesses now provide is a packing and unpacking service. If that wasn’t enough, they also often stock specialist packing materials to ensure that your more fragile items arrive at your new place safely. With your most prized possessions in the hands of packing professionals, you can consider this a load off your mind.

Furniture Removal

Many established removal companies are equipped to remove and transport a whole host of furniture items however large or small. Here at Purdie Worldwide, we pride ourselves on being experienced piano movers and are fully equipped to transport almost anything from A to B. Lots of companies also provide a dismantling and reassembling service for items of furniture that need to be taken apart before moving, ensuring a smooth, stress-free transition into your new home.



Minimal Disruption

At a time when it feels like you are uprooting your entire existence, there may be some disruption to the natural order of things. This is especially applicable to business relocations as the necessity to cease trading during the move can result in a dip in profit. This begs the question: Why not hire some help to keep disruption to a minimum? Hiring a removal company that is experienced in the execution of rapid home/business moves will allow you to settle into your new surroundings as soon as possible and get back on top of things.


More time to rest…

If you’re anything like us, you’ll see a relocation as an opportunity to start afresh and put your individual stamp on a space. There are so many fun activities that come hand in hand with moving, but when you have a long list of boring obligatory tasks to complete, when can the fun begin? A removal company takes care of the lengthy laborious side of moving, giving you more time to really settle in to your new abode. Below are just a few of the things you’ll be free to do with this extra time:



Most moving services offer to unpack your larger belongings, giving you the chance to attend to smaller items. Bric-a-brac is what really adds character to a space and the placement of ornaments is crucial to making your new place feel like home.

Set Up your Wi-Fi

Although this cannot be defined as a ‘fun activity’ by any stretch of the imagination, it does facilitate the enjoyment of everyone’s favourite ‘cosy night in’ past time: watching a film. When you’ve been through the tiring ordeal of moving home, there is nothing you want more than to curl up in front of Netflix and switch off for the day. Take our advice and make this your number one priority when you arrive at your new digs- you’ll thank us later!

Online Shop

Now that your Internet is up and running, why not buy a few decorative items to add the finishing touches to your new home? There may similarly be some necessities that you’re short on such as cutlery and crockery. Use this extra time as an opportunity to get your place fully kitted out.


Crack open the Champagne

We all know that once you arrive at your new home, it is customary to pop open a bottle of something special to mark your milestone. However, this can sometimes get forgotten amidst the endless organisation of bags and boxes. With a team of moving experts on the case, you can be free to relax and enjoy a glass of well deserved bubbly with your nearest and dearest.


International Home Removals

Moving abroad has the potential to be ten times as stressful as relocating locally. Not only are you worrying whether or not your personal items will make it overseas in one piece, but you also have to sort out insurance to make sure you’re covered for any eventuality. At Purdie Worldwide, we specialise in shipping all manner of different items to various locations around the globe. Below are just a few of the things that make us top international movers.

We are fully insured

What more is there to say? We are fully insured for international removals and shipping, so you can relax knowing we’ve got you covered.

We offer air freight shipping

Air freight shipping is a highly reliable method of getting your personal items from one location to another. It is also one of the fastest modes of transporting goods. If you’re in a hurry to start your new life overseas, contact us at Purdie Worldwide to speak to one of our team about our shipping services.

We take care of all angles

Far from simply packing up your things and exporting them to your chosen destination, we also deal with the customs paperwork that comes with international moves. When it comes to relocating abroad, we’ve got your back through all stages of the journey.

Tempted to up sticks? Why not browse the Domestic Removals section on our website to find out more about the services we can provide. Similarly, if you are relocating a team of office staff, our Commercial Movers page will tell you all you need to know about how we can help.