A Guide to Settling into your New Home

Moving house can be a challenging and stressful time. From choosing your dream home to dealing with calls from your solicitors and packing up your most valuable items, it can seem like there’s a neverending to-do list of tasks to complete, documents to sign and people to notify. With so much to take care of, many people forget to look further than their move-in date and prepare for life in their new home.

At Purdie Worldwide Removals, we understand that the stress of relocation doesn’t necessarily end once you’ve moved your belongings from A to B. Settling into your new home can take time, but with our helpful tips and advice, you can make it a little bit easier for yourself.


First things first – it’s time to celebrate. After a long day of moving boxes and saying goodbye to your previous home, it’s unlikely you’ll be in the mood to make a three-course dinner for you and your family, so reward yourself with a well-deserved glass of champagne and a tasty takeaway instead!


Test your utilities

Spending the night in a cold, dark house isn’t going to fill you with joy about life in your new home, so make sure your gas and electrics are working as soon as you move in. Once they’re up and running you’ll be able to pop the kettle on and watch your favourite programmes – two things that’ll help you settle in no time!

Make the bed

One of the best ways to settle in somewhere new is to make sure you have your very own space to hide away and relax, should you need it. You won’t want to wrestle with your bedsheets just before bed, so make your bed in advance and enjoy a good night’s sleep following a big day of moving.


Meet your neighbours

After a good sleep in your new home, it’s time to meet your neighbours and get to know the people in your local area! Not only will it give you the chance to find out about community events and start the process of making friends, but being on good terms with your neighbours will certainly benefit you if you run out of bread, get locked out, or need help in an emergency.


Register with your local doctor and dentist

If you fall sick after moving house, yet haven’t registered with your local doctors or dentists, you could find yourself in a difficult position. Registering with your local healthcare services won’t take long, but you’ll be grateful to yourself in the event that you fall ill or injure yourself.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to help you settle into your new home, but there are, of course, many more. It’s also a good idea to hire a storage and removals company you can rely on, such as us at Purdie Worldwide Removals, to start your relocation comfortably and minimise your stress levels as much as possible – something every mover will be grateful for!

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