10 Things Removals Companies Hate

10 Things Removals
Companies Hate

At Purdie Worldwide we try our best to accommodate our customers and their needs, particularly on moving day, arguably one of the most stressful days of anyone’s life! Although we try and provide all the information required by our customers there are times where they are simply forgotten, an easy mistake to make when packing up a house. We spoke to our crack team of Removal Men and got them to list the top 10 things Removal Companies hate.

Things Removals Companies Hate:
1. Adding Extra Furniture

There is a reason we never give quick quote out over the phone based on little or no information. A survey needs to be carried out at your property by one of our surveyors in order to ascertain access requirements and the final volume in cubic feet.

With this information we can then allocate the relevant size of van and crew required for each job. There is no point sending an 18t truck with 3 men to empty a 1 bedroom house. Similarly if the surveyor had allocated a 7.5t van to your job with the capacity of 900ft³ to fit your 875ft³ into, but you add a bed and thoe dining chairs you’ve decided to keep, they won’t fit in the van! As a result you may be charged for the extra time and the extra van


that was required. So don’t leave anything out on the initial survey or add more furniture the night before, it’ll only make things worse in the long run and is the number 1 pet peeve amongst our team of porters.

Things Removals Companies Hate:
2. No Signed Documents

Our terms and conditions are in place to not only help the customer if things go wrong, but also to protect ourselves. By completing, signing and returning your terms and conditions you’ve entered into a business agreement that protect both of us and gives you the customer a set of expectations for the removal team on the day of the move. Without these signed terms and conditions no removal can actually take place, so to


save us having to send the Terms and Conditions with the Removal Team on the day please sign and return them as soon as possible!

Things Removals Companies Hate:
3. Wandering Pets & Children

We highly recommend that come moving day your children and or pets are well clear of the house. A house move creates a lot of foot traffic in and out the property and every walkway needs to be clear in order for the teams to work effectively. It’ll put a severe damper on the day if you either tripped over a child or kicked the dog accidentally when moving boxes. Although we do suggest you make the kids part of the moving process, we’d


recommend only letting the children pack and not let them help on the day of the move itself. Leave them with a family member or put your pets to day care, or the other way around if you love your pets more than your children.

Things Removals Companies Hate:
4. No Keys

Probably the most hated thing on the list by both house owners and the removal companies – No Keys!

Even with modern banking and faster online payments there are still issues that affect the sale of house going through and ensuring the new owners get their keys in time for the move. More often than not these kind of things happen on a Friday afternoon when the solicitors decide to take a half day for an early weekend, that can then leave families and their belongings stuck in limbo over an entire weekend. We’ve had moves where the initial removal has went well and everything is running to schedule, with the new owners due to pick up the


keys at midday. Then the delay with the key’s can happen, purely through no fault of the client or mover’s, and you can be stuck outside of a property for hours, not allowed to move or lift a thing until the keys arrive. In order to avoid extra charges for late keys you can purchase a late key waiver, which you can read more about here.

Things Removals Companies Hate:
5. Extra Rooms

When performing a survey we try to examine every room possible to ensure we get an accurate volume for quoting. What doesn’t help is when the day of the move comes and the home owner asks the team to empty the loft. Health and Safety wise we’re not covered for loft work and secondly, as it wasn’t mentioned on the initial survey the customer would have to be charged extra for the


additional volume. So always be sure to mention or show the surveyor your loft, your shed, or even your conservatory, every room and every bit of furniture is important to us!

Things Removals Companies Hate:
6. Appliances still Connected

Although at Purdie Worldwide we do have our very own Property Maintenance Team that can disconnect and reconnect almost any home appliance, our removal men are not trained to disconnect and reconnect things like washing machines and dishwashers. So if you’re looking to move, ensure you’ve disconnected your appliances (water and gas ones) and that you have someone with training to reconnect them when you get to your new house. If you’ve not done this then we have to simply leave your connected white goods behind. Another point ot note, please never tape your washing machine or dish washer’s pipes to


the top of the unit. This prevents us from packing and stacking properly when the goods are put into the van.

Things Removals Companies Hate:
7. A Full Fridge or Freezer

One of the most common things people forget when moving home is to defrost their freezer before moving day. Fridges aren’t too bad as our removal teams will happily eat what ever is left in your fridge if you offer it to them. Although some moves may be a relatively short distance, for most moves frozen goods will defrost and be rendered useless after only a few hours. So ensure you’ve got


alternative cold storage located before the big day or you’re going to have to lose a lot of frozen food!

Things Removals Companies Hate:
8. Dismantling & Re-Assembly

Although our team are highly trained in removals, most of them aren’t trained in the very dark art of Ikea dismantling and reassembly. Our maintenance team can be hired to be on-site before and after the move to ensure everything is assembled back correctly. However we have run into issues where people have built a large flatpack bed in their room and assume it will fit through their doorwar once it’s built up. So be sure to measure any larger


goods that might need to be dismantled in order to be taken out of the property before the move, or drop us a message and we can do it for.

Things Removals Companies Hate:
9. Incorrect Packing

There’s a reasons we use boxes called “moving” boxes. Surprisingly enough they are designed specifically for moving. Single fluted cardboard boxes, or cheap ones from eBay simply won’t cut it during a house move. We recommend to all of our clients to use our moving boxes as it will save time and reduce the risk of anything being damaged. The rule of thumb is generally if it’ll fit in a box, it goes in a box. We’ve had several self-pack moves where they’ve used black bags to pack up the entire contents of their kitchen. Not only are your goods not protected at all if they’re in a simple


black bag, but trying to stack black bags, like we do with the boxes, is nigh on impossible. Lastly, even if the customer has self-packed and used our own moving boxes, it’s common place for them to tape them up incorrectly and not seal them properly resulting again in unwanted damages. So do your mover a favour and order your online boxes here.

Things Removals Companies Hate:
10. No Drinks or Snacks for the Removal Team!

Although not entirely necessary, our team of removal men are much more receptive when plied with Tea, Coffee and Snacks.

You can actually find out exactly what each crew member takes in their tea and coffee by checking out their profile page on our website.

They’re also much more likely to work harder once they’ve had a nice tea or coffee break to re-energise themselves.

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