Eco Friendly House Moving

Eco-Friendly House Moving Guide

Looking for a removal company that can do Eco-Friendly House Moving? Look no further than Purdie Worldwide. If you continuously left a lightbulb on for seven weeks, you’d create as many C02 emissions as the average UK house move – about 16.8kg in actual fact! With all the packing, travelling, storing and cleaning, it’s unsurprising that moving home has a substantial impact on the environment. However, with some forward planning and resourceful ideas, you can make moving home that bit greener.

Reduce your Waste

Whether it’s excessive amounts of bubble wrap or emptying out the loft, moving home inevitably generates a lot of waste. Being conscious of how much you’re throwing away throughout the move is one way to be more eco-friendly. Firstly, before you move, try to eat up as much of your cupboard food as possible. There are some great store cupboard recipes out there, but if you really can’t face it, send your kids to school with unwanted tins during the harvest festival, or donate cupboard food to a local food collection appeal.

Unwanted furniture and belongings produce mountains of waste here in the UK. If you’re getting rid of old items, definitely don’t fly tip. In fact, if you can avoid taking them to the recycling centre, do that too. Take furniture down to charity shops, over


 to friends houses or donate them to schools in the area. This will cut down the amount of landfill waste your move produces and may even minimise the number of removal vans you need to hire, which in turn reduces the carbon footprint of your move. If you definitely need to get rid of things, ensure you go to a reputable recycling centre or hire a skip from an environmentally conscious company – you can trust an eco-friendly house moving company to dispose of things properly.

Eco-Friendly House Moving Guide

Pack Resourcefully

The monumental task of packing all of your possessions ready for a move has an equally monumental impact on the planet. Although packing boxes are made of cardboard and can be recycled, it’s still good to try and reduce the number of boxes you use. Use empty drawers, washing baskets, suitcases or even duvet covers to transport your things to the new house.

You will, of course, need some packing boxes, so why not use second-hand boxes? You can hire them from your removals company at discounted rates, find them online on sites like Freecycle or even pop down to your local greengrocer – they’re always trying to clear out the huge fruit and veg boxes in their store cupboard!


For wrapping fragile items, try to minimise the amount of plastic you use. Find things from around the house that can act as protective cushioning for artwork, mirrors, ornaments and other breakable items. This could be old newspapers, the stack of junk mail in the hallway or blankets and bedding.

Or visit our shop for ideal packaging protection supplies.

Choose an Eco-Friendly
House Moving Company

Finding a reputable removals company is one of the best ways to make your move as eco-friendly as possible. Not only are professional removals companies experienced in packing efficiently, but they’ll also be able to estimate the precise number of vans required and will keep the number of journeys to a minimum. Some companies also use EEV Standard vans (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicles), such as electric vans, which – when combined with Tetris-like packing abilities – dramatically reduce the carbon emissions released during your move.

If you’re moving house soon and you want to keep it green, get in touch with Purdie Worldwide. Whether you’re moving internationally or just around the corner, our removals and storage specialists will make sure your move runs smoothly whilst reducing your carbon footprint too. If it’s a small town to town move, you can request our smaller electric vans to help save the planet.

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