Four popular cities to move to in the UK

If you’re looking to move somewhere new, you may be drawn in by the idyllic beaches of Spain or the laid-back lifestyle of Australia. Unfortunately, however, moving abroad to start a new life just isn’t an option for all of us.

Luckily, there are many fantastic places to move within the UK that don’t require you to get on a plane, yet still give you the opportunity to discover somewhere brand new. Here are just four of the most popular places to live in the UK for those of you ready to up sticks and relocate


As the capital city of Scotland, you may expect Edinburgh to have living costs rivalling those of London. However, rent prices and other living costs are significantly lower, making the city a particularly attractive one for people looking to move elsewhere. It isn’t just the cost of living that’s so appealing to people across the globe; Edinburgh has a rich cultural scene (think of the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Fest!) and fascinating history that makes it a truly exciting place to live.

Stunning walks and views at the water of Leith


In recent years, Manchester, the north of England’s exciting cultural hub, has grown in popularity dramatically. People from all over the world are drawn in by the city’s bustling arts and music scene, industrial history and inexpensive rent prices (in comparison to London and other cities in the south). Manchester may be one of England’s rainiest cities, but don’t let that put you off –  whether you’re moving there for work purposes or simply because you want a taste of the city’s relaxed atmosphere, you’re sure to fall in love with the place.

The Manchester City Skyline


If life in industrial Manchester isn’t for you, you may enjoy the sound of Brighton. With all the amenities of a lively city, including great bars, restaurants and shopping facilities, Brighton has the additional allure of being by the sea. With a traditional English seaside pier, rows of street art and a long list of festivals held on the beach and nearby, it’s no surprise that Brighton is a hugely popular city for people of all ages and backgrounds.

The infamous Brighton Pier


Lively, colourful and full of character, Bristol is frequently cited as one of the best places to live in the UK. Nestled in the heart of Somerset, Bristol is in close proximity to many fantastic cities such as Bath and Cardiff. Additionally, it is also just a stone’s throw from some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside, including areas of the Cotswolds and the Cheddar Gorge. With high employment rates and plenty of activities to fill your weekends, it isn’t difficult to see why Bristol remains one of the most popular cities to move to in the UK.

Bristol - one of the happiest places to live.

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