Genius Packing Hacks

Today we’re opening The Big Book of Moving & Packing Tips and sharing some Genius Packing Tips to make your move go a lot smoother!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It would be perfect for moving home! Instead, from our 60 years of moving experience, we’ve compiled a small list of Genius Packing Tips to ensure you stay ahead of the moving game. If you have any tips you’d like to add then feel free to let us know via our contact page.


One of the most common issues home movers face when they’ve moved into their new home is plugging all their electronics back in. Not everyone is technically minded and more than likely had their PC or TV installed or setup by an engineer. So when they come to setting up their electronics in their new home they can’t remember where all the cables go!

To avoid this nightmare during your next move, take a picture of the back of your television or computer. This way you can refer to the picture when you come to plug it all back in. Alternatively you can label all your cables and zip tie them together, but this takes a bit longer and is easier to just look back at a picture. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a picture and label all the cables!

On a side note, it’s always good practice to de-dust all your electronics with a hoover or can of compressed air. Dust can conduct electricity and is one of the main reasons electronic components fail!



Any reputable removal company will ask you to empty your drawers before you move. This makes things easier to lift and move but also stops anything from rolling about inside a drawer and getting damaged. However, what can you do with your cutlery drawer and those big kitchen knives?

Clingfilm is the easy answer. Simply take the plastic cutlery organiser out the drawer and wrap it tightly with clingfilm. This will ensure all the cutlery will stay in the right place and not rattle about and therefore reduce the possibility of damage during the move. Then, when you’re unpacking, you can simply unwrap the cutlery organiser and place it into it’s new home.

As for your massive kitchen knives there’s already something in the kitchen that’ll help you pack them to avoid unecessary cuts: the unassuming oven glove! Simply store the knives inside the glove and tape the bottom shut so they don’t fall out. This way you’ll knives will arrive in one piece without cutting into furniture or causing any unwanted damage.



Pots and Pans

Use the Russian Doll technique and place your smaller pots and pans inside one another. You can then place the lid on the top and secure it with an elastic band. For even more protection put paper plates or foam in between the pots and pans.

Similarly, if you don’t have the correct packing materials, you can use paper plates in between your actual plates. Also, be sure to stack your plates vertically, just like you would do in a dishwasher. This not only saves space but reduces the load on the bottom plate if you stack them one on top of each other.



Our last genius packing hack will protect your toiletries from spilling everywhere during your move. Again, you can use clingfirm or any bit of plastic, unscrew the lid of your toiletries and place the plastic film over the opening and put the lid back on. Even if your toiletries are knocked over there’s much less chance of them leaking if you’ve used this packing hack.

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