Top tips for getting to know your neighbours

Moving house can be an emotional time, especially if you’re leaving behind a home, area, and support network that you’ve come to love and rely on over the years. It can be particularly difficult if you’re on good terms with your neighbours or even consider them to be your friends.

However, moving home is also a truly exciting time and could be a great opportunity to become part of a whole new community. If you’re moving to a brand new area, consider our top tips for getting to know your neighbours.

Knock on their door

One of the simplest ways to build a positive rapport with your new neighbours is to knock on their door and introduce yourself as soon as you’ve moved in. Once you’ve met and have learnt each other’s names, it’ll become much easier to stop and chat when you bump into each other. Never underestimate the importance of a smile and friendly introduction – it’ll help you make a great first impression.


Invite them over

There’s nothing like a cup of tea and a slice of cake to bond two people. Once the dust has settled and you feel comfortable in your new home, consider inviting your neighbours over for an informal chat. This will give you the opportunity to get to know each other and find out what’s going on in the local area.




Throw a housewarming party

Once every box is unpacked and you’ve settled into your new home, it’s time to throw a party. This is a great opportunity to get to know your new neighbours, as you can invite them over to mingle in a fun and relaxed environment. Make sure you don’t play your music too loud, however, as you don’t want your party to have the opposite effect by annoying those living nearby!


Get involved in community events

If you’ve just moved into an area with a community feel, consider getting involved in some local events. For instance, if your neighbours are involved in volunteering schemes, car boot sales or weekly park runs, see if you have any skills or interests which could be of use. This is a great way to make friends while finding a new hobby in your local area.