Creating a Removal Truck

Creating a Removal Truck

After our continued success with our Daf SK16 and SK17 trucks we decided to purchase another Daf removal truck. This time, instead of a larger 18t truck, we decided to go with a much more maneuverable medium sized Daf LF55.

Powered by a 6 cylinder Cummins diesel engine producing a healthy 213bhp, our new Daf removal truck will be perfect for all but the largest of home moves. Seating a comfortable 3 men in the cab it also sports 2 front facing beds in the upper cab instead of the side facing beds. This gives the driver and porter extra comfort for any overnight jobs.


Bespoke Bodies

From the Daf production line our truck was sent to Bespoke Bodies in Cheshire for it’s makeover into a removal truck!

Retrofitted with a 1 ton tailift, SK19 is now the perfect truck for Specialist Moving, and now allows easy access and rear loading for larger items such as pianos and garden furniture.

Bespoke containers doors were fitted to the new Removal style body along one side to allow easy loading and unloading for standard sized removal containers (250ft³). These are all fitted with special anti-tamper door locks and have the facility to be double padlocked should you be parked up over night. All the doors have also had locking tabs fitted to allow them to be held open and stop them swinging in the wind.



Fresh from Bespoke Bodies, our new removal truck was sent to DM Commercial Painters in Armadale. Painted in our traditional Brown and Cream colours you can see the care and attention taken in preparing the vehicle.

Every panel not being painted had to be taped and covered off, including all the door handles, lights and mirrors.


One interesting point to note, unlike our some of our current trucks the front grill couldn’t be painted. Daf now integrate the radar system into the grill itself, and by painting it would stop it working completely.

After several coats and several days of baking the truck was brough back to Purdie HQ to wait on it’s new livery.


Our regular livery partner Scot Signs Ltd were on hand as usual to wrap our new removal truck. The main vehicle wrap blends the cream and brown together with our well known Purdie Swirls wrapping round the rear and front cab.

It took the team at Scot Signs 2 days to wrap the truck with the third day spent adding the Purdie Worldwide text and all of our BAR and Euromovers logos.

This is also the first of vehicles to be proudly displaying our new 10 QSS standards which you can see on the rear of the truck. Scots Signs also provided and applied the yellow reflective tape you can see around the edges and side corners.

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