The Challenges of Moving House

If you’re someone who’s just been through the buying and selling process, you’ll be relieved to hear you’re almost at the end. Next, is the exciting part – the move itself!

Of course, this part isn’t without its obstacles, and problems will surely arise as quickly as they are solved. From finding a decent removals company to packing up awkwardly shaped items, your To-Do list could be slowly piling up. Arguably, part of the challenge is keeping a level head and maintaining a calm environment, but we understand this isn’t always possible.

As an expert removals service with over 50 years of experience, we have seen it all and are on hand to offer advice regarding the challenges faced when moving house. Here, we discuss four of the most common hurdles you come up against when you’re planning to relocate. As well as the challenges, we’ve also got some advice and solutions on how to cope with them, how not to lose your head and offer tips on overcoming these difficult tasks.

General packing and furniture moving

Certainly, one of the most challenging things about moving house is packing. It’s something we all believe to have skills in, but once you start, clothes start flying everywhere, the house becomes a bombsite and you’re clutching fragile items with no clue what to do with them.

Packing is something you’ll need to get your head around quickly, particularly when it comes to glass mirrors, bulky bookcases and antique ornaments. There are many useful resources online to guide you in the right direction, but, remember, there are always other alternatives than having to learn how to pack specialist items yourself.


For starters, having useful packing materials at the ready will help you a lot during this process. These could be bubble wrap, brown parcel tape, marker pens, boxes and more.

Start systematically by packing room by room and know how to fill your boxes. Many people think that bigger boxes are for heavier items – wrong. Fill larger boxes with lighter possessions and use smaller boxes for heavier items, like books. For a quicker process, consider leaving all clothes and items in the chest of drawers they already live in and don’t pack clothes and hangers separately, as this just takes up space – instead, hang them in the back of your car. And remember to always label your boxes: one with the contents and one with the destination (“cutlery” and “kitchen”, for example).

However, for the more specialist items like antiques or pianos, you might need extra help. If you’re planning to use a removals company, ensure they have a packing service. As expert packers and movers, they can provide all packing materials needed and can arrange to pack up the items you struggle with, from your dressing table to your glass chandelier. Always check with your chosen removals company how they can help.


Finding the best moving company

Finding the right removals company for you and your needs can be tricky. Whether you’re moving overseas or within the same city that you already live in, you need to ensure that your removals company is up to the task, to make your move as hassle-free as possible.


Before hiring a removals company, make sure you ask all the right questions regarding the services they provide. From packing services and storage units to loading and unloading quickly and efficiently, a removals company can offer so much to those preparing to move house but struggling with the process.

Make sure the company you hire has a BAR (British Association of Removers) as they set the standards for the removal and storage industry across the UK. Always check they have been accredited with this badge to give you peace of mind they’ll be fully insured and able to carry out their job efficiently, effectively and reliably.


Not enough time

Whether it’s moving house or general everyday life, lack of time is always a problem. Psychologists will tell you that we as humans always hold onto the concept of “not enough”, whether it be “not enough sleep” or “not enough hours in the day.” When it comes to packing up and moving house, it will feel the same.

Most of us have full-time jobs to try and work around, families to care for and other responsibilities that take priority. Trying to get your house and everyone else in it organised for your move can be an overwhelming thought. You may be envisioning scattered items and no spare visible bit of carpet amongst the mess but there are ways to help.


If it’s just you in your home, the packing and organisation process will be a lot easier and shorter compared to a family of four. Start your packing and moving process months in advance, and don’t forget to delegate if there’s more than one adult in the family. You might feel like this unnecessary, but if you get started early, time won’t run away with you.

For example, begin by clearing out any unwanted items and then start creating an inventory for all your stuff, listing it room by room. Next, begin with rooms or areas of the house that you don’t need anymore as this can ease the load when it gets further down the line and closer to your moving date. Start with the loft, garage and the shed, before moving onto any spare rooms or inessential kitchen items.


Sellers leave a mess

According to a Which? Survey carried out in 2018 on the worst problems when buying a house, number 10 on the survey list is “sellers leaving a mess”, and one in seven (13%) homebuyers experience this upon arrival to their new home. Excited by the fact the conveyancing process and packing extravaganza has finally come to an end, one of the biggest headaches to the moving process is arriving at your new abode only to find that it looks like a jumble sale or a rubbish tip. With abandoned furniture to littered cupboards, this can be a real pain for new homeowners- not to mention how much it’s going to cost to right these wrongs.


For those beginning the process or about to sign any documents, make sure you have it written into the purchase agreement that the seller leaves the property in good order. If they leave items not mentioned on any forms filled out, you are within your rights to complain and even get compensated for it.


Purdie Worldwide Removals: ready to solve all your removals problems

At Purdie Worldwide Removals, we understand the challenges faced when moving house. Breathe, don’t panic and remind yourself that it’s an exciting time that will all be worth the stress. Remember, there are always problems that are within your control and that there is always help out there to aid you if you need it.

For ultimate assistance and comprehensive services, consider using a reputable removals company like us at Purdie Worldwide. We can provide affordable and competitive removal quotes for both domestic properties and commercial relocations, whether you’re moving within the UK or internationally.

As well as removals, we offer a comprehensive service to aid your move, whether you’re in need of expert packing services, secure storage units and reliable shipping services.

For a quality and professional moving company near you, Purdie Worldwide are ready to relocate you within the UK or abroad. We offer support and advice regarding the challenges you face when moving, so contact our team for more information today on 0800 043 6683 or get a quote.