Becoming an Expat in Dubai? Here’s What You Need To Know

Dubai has now solidified itself as one of the most popular locations for Brits to move for work and a new life. Since the astonishing development of the city and the UAE more generally, it’s become a symbol of luxury and opportunity with a number of large businesses making it their new home. This growth has seen hundreds of thousands of Brits flock there for work as expats. Here we give you a few guidelines on what to expect when moving to Dubai.

Cost of Living

One of the major benefits of moving to Dubai is that there is minimal income and sales tax to contend with. If you’re relocating from a large city in the UK like London, then rent prices probably won’t come as a huge shock, but if you’re moving from a small town then it may be much more than you expected. The reduction in tax and the likelihood you’ll be on a higher salary than in the UK, however, means that the cost of living will be less more generally.


The Quality of Life

If you like blisteringly hot weather, then Dubai will certainly offer you the type of climate you’re looking for with temperatures soaring up to 45 degrees centigrade in the height of summer and rarely reaching below 19 degrees during the winter. There’s also plenty of picturesque white sand beaches nearby for you to cool down near.

However, a consideration to keep in mind are the stark cultural differences between the UAE and the UK. As a Muslim country, you’ll have to get used to the early morning calls to prayer and seeing the majority of the population proudly adorning their traditional dress. You won’t be forced to abstain from most food and drink, but you will have to keep it in mind and there are some regulations about when and where you can drink alcohol.


Career Opportunities

One of the primary reasons for moving to the United Arab Emirates, is the wide variety of job opportunities that are available. Career opportunities ranging from retail to marketing and PR are all available in Dubai and they’re often on a higher pay-scale than the equivalent jobs back home in the UK. With English now widely spoken across the city, language isn’t a barrier to employment and there’s always a need for more native English speakers.


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