Advantages of Using a Professional Company to Move House

Advantages of Using a Professional Moving Company

When the time comes to move house it can be a period of excitement, optimism but also stress. No one can deny that the process of relocation can be a time of hassle and worry, and this is why it is best to be completely prepared for the big move, and most importantly, hire a professional moving company that you can rely on.

Anyone that has decided to do a relocation without the services of a professional removal company knows how hard it is – even if you already own a big van and have a team of friends to help!

You should never underestimate the amount of effort required, both physically and mentally, when moving all of your many belongings to a new home. Whether it’s massive sofas, huge American-style refrigerators or delicate treasured porcelain that has been in the family for five generations, employing a removals company is a must – especially if you are working to a tight deadline.

There are so many different ways that a professional moving company can help you make a trying day easier, so you should find yourself one as soon as possible! Here are a number of advantages that a professional removals company can offer you:

Friendly Helpful Staff

With a day as stressful as moving day, having an extra pair of hands is always invaluable – furniture removal can be a nightmare on your own! Thankfully, professional moving companies offer specialised relocation staff who have the training and the experience to make moving a streamlined process. All good relocation businesses will directly


employ permanent staff rather than workers who are freelance or from another company, so do your research before choosing one. At Professional Moving Company Purdie Worldwide, you can view all our staff here, and even find out what they take in their tea or coffee!

Packing Service

When your treasured belongings are being transported seventy miles up a motorway and manhandled across the country, it is always a good idea to have them packaged in a way that is safe and secure is important. Not only is packing certain objects important for safety reasons, but some items are unusual shapes and pose quite a


challenge to secure safely. Trained packers know how to keep your precious possessions safe from harm whilst knowing how to carry out the packing at twice the speed of a normal civilian. A Professional Moving Company will offer this service, but you should double-check whether they do before relying on it.

Relocation Services with Extra Equipment

Another advantage of employing a professional moving company is the extra equipment that they possess to help you along with the process. Relocating home is more than simply getting a bunch of strong men to dump your possessions in a van before driving off; there are quite a few


actions that they have to perform that can be aided by having additional equipment to make the job easier, quicker and sometimes even possible (e.g moving a piano). Extra equipment can be as simple as special wrapping to protect certain delicate items, all the way to high-tech specialist lifting equipment. Technology such as up-to-date satellite navigation for the lorry is also very useful!

Storage Capability

Home relocation is harder than it looks. People are generally surprised by just how many belongings they have, which can sometimes lead to the realisation near the move that they don’t have enough space. Downsizing your possessions is harder than it looks! Thankfully, a professional home relocation company often has significant


storage capabilities if you find yourself in a pickle with your belongings. When hiring a company it is always best to inquire about these facilities and what they charge. The price is often less than you think and can come in very handy if you need a bit of breathing space after the move or perhaps want to store belongings for a while so that you can sell them.

Specialist Vehicles

When people think ‘removal company’, the first thing that probably comes into their head is a mental image of a great, big removal lorry. It’s amazing how many possessions that we can accumulate in our lifetime – some of them very large and awkward to carry. Most people do not own a van, let alone a large lorry so hiring a professional removal company (especially if you have a large family) is almost a necessity. If you’ve ever seen someone trying to stuff a sofa into a family car before, it’s surely something that has stuck with you forever! By taking all of your belongings in just on trip rather than five small


ones, it is better on both your wallet and your annual holiday allowance. Using a removal company’s lorry is more than just a big vehicle – it’s also the highly experienced driver who can drive that enormous machine and trailer through the eye of a needle. If your new home is a cottage in the country that is only accessible by a tiny road, a highly trained articulated lorry driver is a must unless you a have the driving skills of Nigel Mansell.


Though a professional moving company will greatly reduce your chances of suffering broken or damaged possessions while relocating, it is a simple fact of life that you cannot guarantee 100% that all of your belongings will arrive in perfect condition. You have the right to take out an outside insurance policy when moving, but if you use a professional moving company’s scheme you get far better rates.


Purdie Worldwide Removals & Storage Ltd

We at Purdie Worldwide Removals consider it our mission to offer an unbeatable service in home or office relocation. Purdie Worldwide Removals knows that every one of our customers is completely unique be it a homeowner or a company. We pride ourselves on giving excellent advice and expertise through every link in the relocation chain.

Starting out in Blackburn, West Lothian all the way back in 1960, Purdie Worldwide has grown and grown to encompass a vast range of removal, shipping and storage options for our loyal customers. Our company is an expert in home, commercial and office relocations and we provide a selection of handy services like specialist packaging services and temporary storage capability.

It doesn’t matter if you run a hectic company or are a homeowner, office relocation or moving house is a stressful experience. This is why all our staff are friendly, helpful and are above all competent at making the experience as quick and easy as possible.  Each member of our team is highly experienced and have received a programme of training that makes them very good at their jobs.

At Purdie Worldwide Removals, our expertise and commitment to quality ensures that we deliver quality service with every customer. If you would like to know more about Purdie Worldwide Removals then please visit our website, or contact 01506 652792 via telephone or email via

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