Top Home Hacks to help you Declutter

With the kids now off on their summer holidays a lot of parents are wishing it was August already! No longer are the houses quiet during the day, but filled with clutter and mess from the kids!

Take a look at our Top Hacks on how to declutter your home and keep things looking and smelling fresh!


Kid’s too old for Lego? No such thing! Dig out that old box of Lego and use it around the house to help you organise and keep things safe! Lego Men (and women) have the perfect sized hands to clip a cable into and make it look a lot tidier. You can even create containers to your own sizes for holding small items like jewelery or earings.


CD Racks!

Admit it, how many CDs and CD cases do you have lying about the house, unused since the early 2000s? Lot’s I’ll guess. If you haven’t sold them all to Music Magpie you may very well have a few spare CD/DVD storage racks!

If you turn these racks on their sides they make fantastic open drawers for things like bathroom accessories or for even organising cutlery!


Plastic Bags

Another common theme amongst the many homes we move on a yearly basis is the standard cupboard that almost everyone seems to have – The Bag Cupboard!

Instead of loosing an entire cupboard to all those plastic bags, why not grab an old empty tissue box and fill it with the plastic bags instead? This way they’re much easier to take one, but it looks a lot better than a cupboard jammed packed with plastic bags!


Toilet Roll Holders

There are in fact many uses for an empty toilet roll holder. You can use them to sort out toothbrushes, or even join lots together to sort out cutlery.

However, we’ve not seen this hack before and we’ll be sure to be passing it onto our better halves to ensure a clutter-free bedroom!

Simply use the old holder to keep together all of the hair clips and baubles that are more than likely scattered across your bedroom floor and Hey Presto! Less Clutter!


Shoe Racks!

Everyone hates muddy carpets and dirty feet! Now you can completely eliminate muddy or dirty footprints in your house buy using a standard coat rack and mounting it just off the floor.

This way anyone who comes in with mucky feet has to hang there shoes up on your nice rack and place some paper or plastic below to catch any unwanted drips!

Now you can keep that nice entrance carpet or rug in pristine condition!


Towel Rails no more!

There’s nothing worse than grabbing a towel off the towel rail, and every single other towel comes off with it! With this ingenious hack you won’t have that problem anymore!

Instead of installing a massive rail for you to jam all your towels onto, declutter the look by swapping out the towel rail for several door knobs instead!

You can choose whatever style matches your bathroom, or go completely outlandish and use crystal door knobs to make things really stand out!


Declutter with our Door-2-Store!

If all of these home hacks haven’t quite left your home clutter free there’s always this option.

With our Door-2-Store it’s even easier to de-clutter your house.

One of our 250ft³ wooden containers is loaded into one of our specially adapted trailer units that is then towed to your home or office location.


Once there the trailer is opened along with the storage container and you have as long as you like to fill the container at your own pace.

When you’ve finished packing the container, you simply give us a call and we’ll come and collect. Then put it into storage or drop off another storage container if you require more than one.

Book a Door -2-Store here.