Macmillan Quiz Night – 2019

Macmillan Quiz Night!

We’d like to say a Huge Thanks to all involved who helped make our Macmillan Quiz Night on Saturday night such a success. Even although there were some complaints about the questions being too hard (who doesn’t know what class of starship the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D is?!) there were some high scoring teams, with 3rd place getting 34 out of 50, and two teams tied on 35 out of 50. In the end the 2 top teams had to be seperated with a tie-break question, with the winners kindly donating their prize money back to Macmillan!


In what proved to be the most popular event of the Macmillan Quiz Night, was the raffle! Lots of fun and full of great prizes! The picture to the right shows only a small collection of the prizes on offer that night. We’d like to thank Ann at Blackburn Post Office for the raffle books, Peter at Purdie Property Maintenance for his gifts, Neil Purdie for his kind donations, Alan at the Crown and The Sweet Boutique in Blackburn for their kind raffle prize!


As well as our quiz and raffle we also had 2 smaller competitions running alongside throughout the night;

We had a “Guess the Capacity” challenge where you had to guess the volume of our small, medium and large boxes combined in cubic feet. Although it was perhaps one sided considering half of the guests were removal men, it was good to see our very own Stevie Andrew come out on top guessing the volume correctly and netting a cool £25 for his troubles.


In our other competition we had a World map on the wall and asked everyone to guess where our new truck SL19 hadn’t gotten lost! At a pound a shot each person would write there name on a sticky arrow and place it on the map where they though SL19 was. The closest (Euan) guessed correctly with the city of Tokyo and also won himself £25!

Overall we raised a massive £586.32 for Mamillan Cancer Support. A big thanks again to everyone involved!

If you still like to donate to this awesome cause you can do so online here.

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