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Commercial Moves from Purdie Worldwide

If you’re looking for business or commercial moves. Or simply advice on moving your business, or a relocation to new premises, you’ve come to the right place! At Purdie Worldwide we’ve moved hundreds, if not thousands of businesses from one place of work to the next. With the largest independent fleet in Scotland, with over 30 highly trained staff. There really is no alternative than to hire Purdie Worldwide for your next commercial move. Check out some of the hints and tips we’ve collected over the years to help you with your next commercial moves or business move.

Timing a Business Move

In the removal game, nothing matters more than timing. You can have everything packed and ready to go, but if your timings are off you could end up with an incomplete move. Or worse a move that costs you double! That’s why we always advise to start planning your office or business relocation as soon as possible.

At Purdie Worldwide we offer Free No Obligation Surveys. Where one of our expert surveyors visits your site to accurately assess things like volumes and access points when doing commercial moves.


Larger Moves

For larger office and commercial moves we normally construct bespoke moving plans that then take place over an entire week. The quicker these removal plans are created and assessed then the quicker and smoother the move will go.

As a rule we would always advise contacting your removal company at least 3 months before your office or commercial moves. This will limit any problems and reduce stress on the day.

Business Clearout

Having a clearout in your office or business is a great idea to reduce clutter and lower the overall cost of the move. It can also be a very stressful time. However, as one of the very few holders of the QSS standard for Digital Data Protection and Shredding. Purdie Worldwide are the perfect partners to help with an office or commercial moves.


Secure Business Relocations

Due to regulation changes in GDPR you are now required to securely destroy and paperwork that contains customer data. You can’t simply throw old paperwork in the bin any more! So that’s where we step in with our data destruction standards; at only £2.50 per shredding bag and only £10 per hard drive destruction you won’t find anyone else cheaper to secruely destroy your old data.


Packing Up a Business

Making sure everything is packed up and ready for the move is only half the battle. In order for  commercial moves to be a success, the packing has to broken down and delegated to departments. This way each department is responsible for packing their own equipment and in some case when there are a lot of departments we provide colour coded labels to ensure nothing is lost. It’s then very easy to identify specific departments based on colour, so nothing should be placed in the wrong location if the colour scheme is adhered too.

For most office equipment we provide re-usable crates. In some cases we provide bespoke wooden containers for larger items. Most IT equipment can be dismantled and packed into specific IT crates. Our removals teams being fully qualified to re-connect the IT equipment at your new premises. All part of the Commercial Moves Service!

Business Moves and Relocations

Even if you’ve managed to pack everything correctly. There’s no point in trying to move until everything and everybody is aware of the organisation and schedule of the move.

For larger business or commercial moves, we usually create a timetable for the moves so we can reserve men for specific days and spread the load out. Generally across an entire week. For example, when moving an entire school we planned to move 2 departments per day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. So for 10 departments that would take up the entire week.

This way you can give specific deadlines for each department to have everything ready and packed before their specific move date. By giving deadlines this also allows the customer to raise any issues before the deadline. This ensures that the move will go according to plan with no hold ups or hidden problems.

Business Downtime

One major factor in the organisation of a move is to consider the downtime involved for a business. By moving a business bit by bit, department by department, you allow every department to still be functioning. With a maximum of a half-day downtime when it comes their time to move.

More importantly however, is the ability to have a dedicated MoveMan attached to the head of the move. This person is the head contact for any issues from staff or clients before, during or after the move. These MoveMen are dedicated professionals and are always on-site. On-hand to sort any issues or calm any fears about the move itself. A true personal touch for every Commercial and Business move we do.

For more information on our Commercial Moves and Relocations, give us a call or get a quote today.

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