Why a Pre-Removal Survey is a Must!

Essential Pre-Removal Survey

With the progression of modern technology it’s now much quicker and easier to get a quote for moving home over the internet or by telephone. However, this isn’t the best way in order to avoid extra costs and stress. Find out why having a proper Pre-Removal Survey will not only reduce the stress of a move, but also save you money!

Telephone Negotiations

Unfortunately in this day and age price, not quality, is still King. People tend to choose the path of least resistance and it’s very easy to phone up or email a removal company and ask them for a price. By just giving 2 addresses, the size of the properties and a move date, it’s very easy to get a price for your removal. You can then compare all these prices quickly and find out who is the cheapest.

However, just because they’re the cheapest, certainly doesn’t mean they’re the best. Many of these companies are just men with vans and base their prices on the size of the property.


Not forgetting the fact that not every 3 bed or 4 bed are the same! So by missing out on a pre-removal survey you’re opening yourself up to potential charges. For example, if you forgot to mention about parking restrictions.



Neil Purdie


Robert Cooper

No Obligation FREE Removal Survey

At Purdie Worldwide our Pre-Removal Surveys are completely free of charge and carry no obligations! However, we can be sure that once you’ve had a visit from one of our expertly trained surveyors, you’ll be able to understand the complexities involved in completing a removal successfully. You’ll be glad you not only went for a removal survey, but glad you chose Purdie Worldwide.

We always recommend a removal survey for any complete house move. This can be done up to a week before the move (usually 3-6 weeks before the move). Simply fill out our quote form or give the office a call. On Survey day, one of our surveyors (Neil or Robert), will first look at the access to your property; How close can the van park? How far a walk is it for the porters? Do we need to organise parking restrictions? Are just an example of some of the questions asked in a removal survey.

Once our surveyors have introduced themselves and spoken a little about Purdie Worldwide, the next port of call is to do a tour round the property. We need to be able to accurately gauge the volume needing to be moved. As well as identifying any major pitfalls or issues that need to be addressed. For example, large American style fridge freezers require extra equipment and men to be moved safely. Is the fridge freezer too large to get through the door frames? Are the doors wide enough for the larger items? Questions like these and are just a few of the important questions our surveyors ask. This is to ensure every move goes smoothly.

Video Removal Survey

Our surveyors are based in Central Scotland. We can attend almost any Survey within 100 miles of our HQ in Blackburn. However if you’re further afield, or work 9-5 and can’t make it in during the day for a survey, we can organise a video survey for you instead of a 1 to 1 removal survey.


Using your mobile phone or tablet we can perform a home video survey to almost the same level of care and commitment that a traditional survey does. This also provides us with a video walkthrough of your home. So we can more accurately calculate the volume needing to be moved. It’s also very useful to have the video in order to plan the removal ahead of time. We can detail which rooms are to be emptied first based on the video evidence

Less Stress...

Many non-compliant removal companies like to give you the best price to get you booked with them. However, come moving day when they had to do 3 trips instead of one as they hadn’t calculated the volume correctly, you’ll be charged twice. Or when the customer forgets to tell you on the phone that the lift is broken at their flat and there are 6 flights of stairs to negotiate! We’ve also heard major horror stories of people’s goods being held to ransom over unpaid removal charges. This should’ve been cleared and sorted well before moving day. No doubt it would’ve been sorted had there been a pre-removal survey.


Your Choice

By choosing not to have a proper removal survey done you’re also running the risk of losing your goods altogether. When we do a survey and have the final volume to be moved calculated. We can then assign the relevant van to the job based on the calculated volume. It’s not uncommon for a man with a van to overload his 3.5t van to get a job done in one run. However, by doing this you’re running the risk of the van being stopped by the police and impounded. Or worse an accident and you end up losing everything. Did the man with the van even offer insurance? We do!

Attention to Detail

One of the most stressful time of anyones life is when they’re moving home. By performing our pre-removal survey’s to the higest standard we not only reduce the stress on removal day. It also reduces the amount of complaints we recieve as every home mover has had everything explained to them. So there are no hidden costs or surprises. Not forgetting we always insist on a proper contract between ourselves and the client. This ensures the very best care and attention available for our clients. Our attention to this kind of detail is one of the major reasons over half of our customers are repeat business.

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