The Top 5 Most Expensive Streets in Scotland

Last month property giant Zoopla released their “Rich List” for streets in the UK. We’ve condensed this list down to come up with the Top 5 Most Expensive Streets to live in Scotland. Do you live nearby? Would you like to live in these streets? Follow us on Social Media and let us know!

*all imagery Copyright © Google 2019

5 – Succoth Place, Edinburgh


Succoth Place

Located in the Murrayfield area of Edinburgh, Succoth Place is the perfect location for those looking to be close to the city amenities but far enough away from the busy city centre. With 2 major golf Clubs within walking distance. The Scottish National Gallery of Modern art only a stones throw away. Succoth Place is the perfect street to experience Edinburgh culture at its best.

The property prices in Succoth Place rose by 1% from 2018 to an average of £1,602,396. With flats in the street selling for an average of £250,000!

4 – Wester Coates Avenue, Edinburgh


West Coates Avenue

Just outside the West End of Edinburgh sits the Coates area of the city. Located just off the main A8 through road you have easy access to the city centre. With even easier access to Haymarket Train station, less than half a mile away.

The property prices in West Coates Avenue also rose by 1% from 2018 to an average of £1,606,113. With the average terraced house going for an incredible £364,419.

3 – Caledonian Crescent, Auchterarder


Caledonian Crescent

Situated between the major cities of Perth and Stirling, Caledonian Crescent sits proudly in the World renowned Golfing Village of Gleneagles. This particular area is so exclusive not even a Google Street view car was allowed to drive round it. Many homes in the area are owned by golfing enthusiasts. I’m sure many of these houses are rented out during Open events at Gleneagles. So being a permanent resident of Caledonian Crescent is even more exclusive than you would think!

The property prices in Caledonian Crescent actually fell 1.1% this year, to an average house price of £1,676,507.

2 – Balmoral Court, Auchterarder


Balmoral Court

Another popular location for those looking to rent accomodation for the Golf at Gleneagles. Balmoral Court literally sits at the end of the main entrance to the Gleneagles Golf Resort itself. With gorgeous views onto the Golf Course. It’s no surprise that the average house price in Balmoral Court sits at £1,761,601! Similarly to Caledonian Crescent, this seems to be a very exclusive area with no imagery from Google Maps. Large coniferous pines blocking the views for any prying eyes.

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1 – Whitehouse Terrace, Edinburgh


Whitehouse Terrace

Even if you drove or walked down Whitehouse Terrace in Edinburgh? You wouldn’t guess it was the most expensive street in Scotland with an average house price of £2,349,026. Also known as Millionaires Row, located in the Grange district of Edinburgh. Whitehouse Terrace is shielded with large trees with a 6 foot stone dyke on either side. So even if you’re walking or driving past, it’s almost impossible to see into the houses or gardens that line the street. Although Google Maps have been down this road, unlike the streets in Auchterarder, you don’t get a true grasp on the value of these properties hidden away behind the trees. It’s only when you go to an aerial overview, or type in names like Braemar House, that you get to see the stunning homes on this impressive street.

Also worth noting is that house prices here have risen by almost 2% in the past year alone! So if you’re a bored millioniare looking for a good investment, try this street. Be sure to give us a call to do the moving for you.