Containerised Storage – FAQs

Containerised Storage

When looking for storage it’s always best to decide how long you want to store for, and how often you will need access to your goods. If you’re thinking long terms storage with minimum access, then containerised storage at Purdie Worldwide is exactly what you need!

If you do need regular access to your goods, then our Self-Storage would be more appropriate for your storage needs. With 24/7 security and CCTV, your goods will be safe and secure at our storage facility.

How big is a Storage Container?

All of our wooden storage containers have a volume of 250ft³, but what does this mean?

It means you can actually store quote a lot in a single container. With a height of 225cm, even the largest of sofas or wardrobes will go in on the end to safe space. In terms of depth each container goes back just over 2 metres at 210cm deep. With the width of each container measuring in at just over 1.5 metres wide.


Do you can remember our Tetris Challenge video? There is enough space in a container to pack a total of 48 of our medium boxes, with a bit of room to spare!

How often can I access my Storage Container?

If you need regular (weekly) access to your storage container then we would recommend choosing one of our Self-Store Units instead. If you intend on leaving your storage container long term, then containerised storage is the best choice for you.

Once your storage container is fully filled our warehouseman will forklift it into our purpose built warehouse. Where it will be placed in it’s own bay. With over 100 bays, standing 3 containers high, we have over 300 containers in one warehouse alone. Due to this logistical nightmare, getting to a storage container that is 10 rows down and 2 high can be rather tricky and time consuming. That’s why we require a £25 handling charge.

We also require 48 hours notice in order to look out a container and bring it out to the front of the warehouse. Generally speaking most storage containers are only ever opened when they are being redelivered. If you did need access to your containerised storage at anytime, you just need to give us 48 hours notice, and pay the £25 handling charge.

What can I store in Containerised Storage?

Generally it’s normally boxes, pieces of furniture and clothes that go into our storage containers. It’s normal practice to do a full inventory of your goods before they’re stored. So anything not allowed to be stored is usually picked out at this point.

We have 2 general rules when it comes to storing goods:

Rule number one; you can’t store anything that’s living in a storage container.

Rule number two; Nothing perishable can be stored in your container.


Apart from that you can store almost anything in our containers! We’ve had containers filled with comics, magazines. Even Halloween Ghouls in one particular container!

Is there a minimum or maximum storage time?

The minimum storage time for someone renting out a single containerised storage is one month. However, we regularly do shorter lets for those moving home with us. Coming in to store for a week or 2 before going out to their new property.

There is also no maximum limit on how long you can store with us. We’ve had clients who started storing with us the day we opened and still have storage with us to this day. So regardless of how sh0rt or long you need to store your goods in a container, choose Purdie Worldwide. Get a free storage quote today.

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