How to De-clutter before a Move

Your move to your new home is only a week away and you’ve not even started to pack yet! In fact, you have no idea how to deal with all the mess and clutter about the house, let alone organise and pack it into boxes! Fortunately we’re here to provide you with the ultimate hints and tips on how to de-clutter your home before a move, so read on!

De-Clutter: Box Clever

If you’re trying to de-clutter with kids, do yourself a MASSIVE favor and see if the kids can hang out with a friend, neighbor and/or relative for the day. It will makes the whole de-cluttering process SO much easier on YOU and your helpers if you have any!

Once the kids are out the way grab yourself 3 big boxes and label them as “Keep“, “Bin” & “Charity“.

Now start with whatever room you’d like to start with (normally the most cluttered as it will only get easier!). Pick up the first item and ask yourself: “Do I really need this?” If you do need it, then stick it in the keep box, if not, as yourself; “would anyone else need this?” If the answer is yes, stick it in the charity box. Or if you really think no one would benefit from the item, stick it in the bin box!


If the boxes are full by the end of the first room, get more boxes! Setup 3 boxes in each room if you can, one for keeping, one for charity and one for the bin.

De-Clutter : Be Ruthless!

It can be quite difficult to throw away items that have sentimental value to them. That’s why when de-cluttering you have to try and remove emotion for the situation and be completely ruthless! If you’re not completely ruthless you’ll end up back exactly where you started having not accomplished anything!

Once you’ve been as brutal as you could be, it’s time to collate all the items you’re wanting to keep, and ask the question “where should this go?

By having proper designated locations for your goods it allows them to be located and tidied a lot quicker too. Seperating all the noisy toys for the playroom and the quiet toys for the bedroom is one idea parents have for sorting out their kid’s toys.

You might also have to have a seperate bin or box for all the items that are meant to be in the garage but are still littered about the house thanks to your husband.

De-Clutter: Strategy

Now you need a strategy to get from room to room. Don’t start with the smallest most cluttered room. Or start with the room full of old photographs. That will undoubtedly send you down memory lane for hours and hours and you won’t get any clutter cleared!

Try and keep in mind that you’re trying to de-clutter, not organise at this point. You just want to clear your feet, and all the workspaces, so you have room to actually start organising when the time is ready.

Don’t skip a room. Keep focused and finish one room at a time before you move onto the next one. When a room has been de-cluttered go through the boxes you’ve just created and sort them out.


Once you’ve managed to do a couple of rooms you should find a place (like the garage or your car) to put all the Charity boxes and/or the Bin boxes so they don’t start to clutter the place up.

By using this strategy you’ll not only make your home feel a lot more tidy and cleaner, but it also makes a removal man’s job much easier!

At Purdie Worldwide we offer a pre-removal de-clutter product with our Door-2-Store service that allow you to store goods quickly, safely and securely from the comfort of your own home. So get a quote today for you de-clutter service and get your home ready in time for Christmas!

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