What is the BAR?

Founded in 1900, the British Association of Removers (BAR from here on) has fought to standarise the quality of removals, nationally and worldwide. As an independent trade association they set the standard for professional removals with the aim of ensuring the best quality experience for the customer. Although many removal companies who aren’t BAR members are very trustworthy and legitimate, a BAR Removal company is more likely to give you the professional level of service every customer expects.

Why isn’t every Mover a member of the BAR?

The BAR isn’t a Pay As You Go scheme, and there is set criteria that must be met before membership can even be considered. Each new prospective removal company has to prove they can meet the high standards of being a member of the BAR. If the bar (pun intended) is set too low then the creditability of membership is severely devalued. If this was the case the BAR badge would no longer represent the benchmark for quality removals that is currently does.

Being in the British Association of Movers isn’t for every mover. Why? Well there is a certain code of practice that must be adhered too.


Many small movers simply don’t have the time or resources in order to follow this code of practice or meet the high level of standards. Some think it’s a waste of money to be part of an association like the British Association of Movers, saying it’s “not worth it” or the fees are “too expensive.

Code of Practice

As a member of the BAR there is a strict Code of Practice everyone has to follow. Along with a set criteria that must be met, not every applicant makes the grade. Every single member is also audited annually to ensure that standards are being upheld.

Here is a list of the main points from the Code of Practice that we adhere to:

1) Make sure our advertising & promotional literature is clear and not misleading;

2) Give you a clear description, price and timetable for the work to be carried out;

3) Offer insurance or other protection options;

4) Explain clearly our liability or loss or damage policies;

5) Explain clearly the time limit for making claims & cancellation/postponement rights & charges;

6) Provide staff who are courteous, competent & committed to providing a high standard of service;

Advanced Payment Guarantee

Gone are the day of being able to provisionally book a move. As is industry standard now, all BAR members take payment in advance of any move.

However, there’s no need to worry! As soon as you pay, you’re now protected by the BAR’s Advanced Payment Guarantee. This means that in the unlikely event of the company you’ve chosen going out of business before your move date, they will step in to complete your contract at no extra cost to you.


In addition to this, all BAR companies offer pre-payment protection through our terms and conditions as standard. So in the highly unlikely event of the move being cancelled by the mover themselves. You get 150% refund to allow you to go and organise another mover at short notice.

Independent Dispute Resolution

What happens if it all goes wrong or you’re not happy with your move in general? Not to worry, although these are few and far between, there is process in place where the British Association of Movers can help. Thy can offer advice and support through their Independent Dispute Resolution Service.

This service is operated by the Furniture Ombudsman to ensure a completely fair resolutions for both parties involved. Check out their website to see exactly how they work and how they are independent of the BAR.

So next time you’re looking for a removal keep an eye out for that BAR seal of approval. In almost all cases you’re in much safer hands with a BAR registered remover. For more details check out the BAR website.

In the meantime, get a FREE no obligation quote from us for you next move right here.

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