A Home Video Survey – The New Way to Move Home

Before 2020 the majority of our house moves were given a price based on home survey. This home survey was conducted in person, in your home, by one of our BAR Approved and Trained Surveyors. However, since the inital Covid-19 outbreak we’ve had to adapt our services to cope.


Keeping Our Customers Safe

Part of every move we do here at Purdie Worldwide involves making the customer feel their possesions are going to be in safe hands. So we really enjoyed visiting client’s homes to not only get a much better idea of what was being moved and what the access is like. It also reassures them that Purdie Worldwide are the perfect choice for a professional and safe move.

So after the initial Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown, we had to stop all of our home survey visits for obvious reasons. However, this has given us time to come up with a solution that will not only be easier for the customer, but will make moving a much smoother experience.


Fortunately technology has come a long way, and now Grandparents are chatting with ease, via Zoom or WhatsApp. So what better way than to embrace this new technologoy and use it to give our customers the best moving experience possible. Our in-house app is coming soon! In the meantime we can perform a home video survey via WhatsApp, Facebook, Zoom or Facetime. So you can give us a tour of your home whilst still wearing your slippers!

Fully Trained Surveyors

We have a very specialist team of surveyors. Who have been trained specifically to be able to calculate volumes. Adhering to BAR standards, our surveyors will take you on a brief walk around your property. They’ll have you go into every room and to show us every piece of furniture or property that needs to be moved. We’ll also look at things like access into the property, or what are the stairs like for access. Your Video Survey is recorded and kept on file until after your move. This also helps us prepare the removal teams. They will be given the vital information about the volumes and room access they require. So don’t delay, book your home video survey using the form below!