Covid-19: How we’re Protecting our Staff & Customers

*Update – 23rd September 2020*

“Although the latest government announcement has imposed some stricter restriction on us and our families this will have no impact on our business and the way that we complete moves. Since the breakout of the pandemic in March we have worked tirelessly to make sure that we are COVID safe and continue to review our processes on a weekly basis.

We have a number of procedures in places from taking every staff members temperature each morning, completing a deep clean of our vehicles and office space twice a week minimum, splitting our crews into small bubbles to reduce contact and completing a COVID questionnaire with every customer we help.

We will continue to work along to Scottish Government guidelines, British Association of Removers guidelines and learn from our own experience and other experienced companies around us locally and nationally making sure we take every step to minimise any risks and keep the wheels turning. As things stand we will continue to be available to complete your move as planned to the same high level of service albeit sometimes behind a mask.”

I’m not sure anybody in the world would’ve guessed the position we’re currently in, compared to a year ago. So much has changed since March, it seems inconceivable that things will return to normal before the end of the year at the earliest. Here at Purdie Worldwide we’ve been actively monitoring and reacting to all the information given out by the goverment and our industry leader the BAR. We’ve made some major changes, not only to our working environment, but to our working practices as well. Read on to find out how we’re protecting our staff and our customers from Covid-19.

Lockdown was a very tricky time for us and the removals industry. With lots of moves booked and ready to go for March and April, we had to postpone every job when Covid-19 hit. Fortunately the majority of our customers were very understanding. We also managed to complete all essential moves before the shut down in late March, thus avoiding anybody being left homeless!

So upon our re-opening earlier this month, how are we managing to safely complete moves? Not only for customers, but our staff too!


We’ve implemented many changes to protect against Covid-19. From signage, clothing, cleaning rotas and even daily temperature checks, we’re leaving nothing to chance.

Read more below on what we’ve changed and implemented here at Purdie Worldwide to protect our staff and you the customer.

Our Covid Protected Reception Area


The first port of call for anyone visiting us here at Purdie Worldwide is reception. This was the first change we made to protect our customers. As you can we we’ve installed a plastic screen (thanks Scot Signs!) to protect the customer and our reception staff. There are clear floor markings for everyone to adhere to.

We’ve also added in hand sanitiser and cleaner to the recpetion, with the ipad wiped down after every use. The waiting area has also changed so that all of the chairs are at least 2m apart in order to comply with social distancing. You will also note we have fresh supply of masks for not only us, but the customer too if they don’t have one.

Staff Handbook

Before we could start moving people again, we needed to change the way in which we work. In line with guidance from the several sources we peformed many risk assessments. Examining various moves in order to see what changes we’d need to make to make them Covid Safe.

We also took the opportunity to give a questionnaire to every member of staff. This allowed us to examine every case individually and assess their needs on a case by case basis.


All of this information was condensed into a Covid-19 Staff Handbook for every member of staff. It was then peer reviewed with various revisions, and is currently a live document that every member of staff can access and refer to. The latest revision is version 1.5 and updated on the 10th of September 2021.

The Basics

Surely you’re familiar with the smyptoms of Covid-19 by now. However, we’ve asked that if any member of staff, or anyone in their household exhibits any Covdid-19 symptoms, they must stay home and self-isolate.

This also includes every customer coming into Purdie Worldwide. We will refuse entry if you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

High temperature | Persistent Cough | Difficult Breathing | Loss of Taste | Loss of Smell


Cleaning contractor on site twice weekly with an additional deep clean of all communal areas.

• Customer Declaration giving them a set of steps they must adhere to before and during a move. For example clean and wipe down all surfaces, and not offer any of men food or drink.

• Every vehicle wiped down after use.

• Fresh uniform for every job, with bag and additional PPE provided.


• High contact areas such as handles and bannister wiped down multiple times per day.

• Each member of staff responsible for own work area, kitchen and toilet use/cleaning.

Removal Procedures

We have staggered all of the starting times in order to reduce the risk of transmission and stopped using clock-in cards for the same reason. Crews will be kept together for most jobs, with many jobs split down from one big van to two smaller vans. This way we can try and keep just one person per cab to reduce potential transmission.

At the actual job we’ve asked our crews to do an in-depth walkthrough first. This way they can identify any potential hazards. They must also be washing their hands regularly. For double carries (big item + one man either side) we’ve asked them to ensure they’re masked and gloved. They must limit these double carries to a maximum of 15 minutes at any one time. As well as always keeping 2 metres from the customer, we’ve asked our staff to also minimise time spent in confined spaces. Lunch breaks are also staggered.

On completion of a job we’re requiring our staff to wipe down and disinfect the cab of the vehicle. Any blankets used must be washed before being used again, and as usual, change into fresh clothes and wash the old ones!

Personal Protective Equipment

After measuring each office room and limiting their use to a specific number of people (see picture above) we issued all of staff high quality PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including:

• Gloves • Masks • Goggles • Aprons • Hand Sanitiser • Disinfectant Wipes & Spray

• Liquid Soap • Additional Uniform

At Purdie’s we’ve tried our best to ensure the continued safety of our staff and customers during this difficult time. We’ve used every piece of information available to us to implement and enforce these changes. Regardless if you choose us for your next move, ensure your next mover has considered all the options. Ensure they aren’t putting themselves, their employees, or their customers at risk. Choose the best. Choose Purdie Worldwide.

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