Our New Moving App – A Guide!

Want to move home without having to write a long list, speak to lots of people, or trawl through multiple websites and emails? Then download our moving app today and move in style with Purdie Worldwide.

Designed for both Android and Apple users, our app aims to take the stress out of moving home. With the ability to move home using just our app, you can deal with your move in your own time, and when it suits you. Read on for our full guide to our new moving app. Purdie Worldwide – Moving with the times.

Moving App - The Guide

Percentage of Website Visitors using Mobile Devices from 2017-2021

2017 33%
2019 56%
2021 72%

When we first revamped our website back in 2017, the amount of mobile users visiting the site was about 33%, or 1 in 3 users. Therefore we tailored our website towards those visiting us with a computer or laptop. With features designed for that current generation of users. After looking at the statistics for 2019, it was clear that this majority has shifted dramatically towards mobile users, with 56% of traffic to the website visiting from a mobile device. With the advent of lockdown in 2020, this trend has only further increased, with a majority of 72% of users coming from mobile devices.

With this in mind we’ve tried to cater to everyone and in true “Moving with the Times” style we’ve developed our own app specifically for mobile users. Jammed pack full of modern features, our new moving app is designed to remove the stress from moving completely! If you’ve not already downloaded it you can do so here. If you have, then read on for our complete app guide!

For both new and current customers

At Purdie Worldwide our motto is to “Handle with Care..Anywhere.” This holds true not only in dealing with new customers during a removal, but we also take great care with our existing customers, particularly with this new moving app.

That’s why we’ve created a seperate portal in the app for our existing customers. This allows you to book appointments to visit your self-store, pay bills and even send and recieve documentation. To get there, from the home screen of our new moving app, click the 3 lines at the top left of the screen. Then on the next page click My Account as shown in the picture.

app-myaccount-moving app

Customer Portal

From within the customer portal you can not only pay an invoice, or send and recieve documents. You can also book one of a number of our services. You can book a video Survey with one of our surveyors. Book a Self-Store Tour with Archie our warehouse manager. Book a visit to your own Self-Store unit. Or book a Click and Collect appointment to pickup your packing materials. With our new Moving App we’ve tried to give the customer as many options and as much control as possible. All with the aim of making your next move completely stress free!

portal1-moving app
portal2-moving app
portal3-moving app

Choosing your Move

Moving with our app couldn’t be simpler. From the homescreen just click Removals. Then choose the type of move you’re in need of. For a house move within the UK, regardless of size, choose Domestic Moves. If you’re a business or looking to relocate a business, then just click on Commercial Moves. Moving or relocating outside the UK, or back to the UK? Select International Moves. You’ll be given a completely unique form depending on your selection. Just follow the instructions and we’ll do the rest!


Shipping your Goods

Shipping your goods with our app couldn’t be easier. From the homescreen just click Shipping. Then choose the type of shipping you’re in need of. For the quickest, but most expensive option select Air. For a longer more cost-effective option choose Sea. If transporting goods within the European continent, select Land. You’ll be given a completely unique form depending on your selection. Just follow the instructions and we’ll do the rest!


Storing your Goods

Storing your goods with our app is simples! From the homescreen just click Storage. Then choose the type of storage you’re in need of.

Containerised storage is for goods stored in one of our wooden 250ft³ containers. It’s cheaper than self-store but you have to pay to access it each time.

Self-storage give you the option of free acceess during working ours to your very own unit. Our

Door-2-Store service drops off one of our wooden containers to your property and you pack it yourself.

Our Archive storage give you storage options for mainly documents that needs to be kept for a given period of time. You’ll be given a completely unique form depending on your selection. Just follow the instructions and we’ll do the rest!

storage1-moving app
storage2-moving app
storage3-moving app

Packing Materials

We use the very same packing materials we sell in our online shop. From our most popular small, medium and large boxes, we also offer archive and linen boxes. Along with mattress and sofa covers of verying sizes we also sell as much bubblewrap as you need! Not into using plastic? Then use our traditional packing paper instead. Just don’t forget that roll of tape!

shop1-moving app
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shop3-moving app
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