Moving to Spain post-Brexit

Moving to Spain since Brexit has been made a little more trickier. With the help of Ashley at ERS, we look at the changes that have been made and things you need to consider before making that move to Sunny Spain. What paperwork you will need to have completed, and what are the import taxes going to be?

A run down on moving to Spain since Brexit

Firstly, I would like to thank Purdie Worldwide for asking me to write this guest blog about moving to Spain post Brexit. – Ashley at European Relocation Services

People move to Spain for such a wide range of reasons. There is no need to delve deep in to the reasons for moving to Spain, however at European relocation services we often hear tales of great weather, the laid-back lifestyle, a different pace of life and much more.


Now since Brexit has happened, it has created many changes. Yes, one of those things is the processes involved in moving to Spain. Despite what you might have heard in some places or from some people, Brexit has not made moving to Europe (EU), Spain, France and the likes impossible for a British citizen. All it has done is change the rules and processes you have to work with to complete that dream move abroad.

What are these new processes?

Firstly, there are two sets of processes you need to be aware of. The first process is the one for getting your belongings across. The second is for allowing you to live in the likes of lovely Spain for more than 90 days at a time. For more detailed information on this process, speak to an adviser who deals with this field, as the rules are very dynamic.

Getting your belongings across

This aspect has changed a lot since Brexit has snuck up on us. However, I would like to reiterate that it is still possible to move to Spain, and to have your belongings brought over.
Any move as a result of Brexit, will require a lot more information from you the customer, to your moving company. This enables them to arrange and sort your customs clearance out. For example, when we for a load from the UK to Spain, we have to get two sets of Customs clearances. One for the export from the UK, and one for Import to Spain, as we use the T1 Customs form (There is no need for customs clearance in France).

A brief summary of some of the extra information we need/movers need

Your inventory now needs to be even more detailed. However, you needn’t worry, this is not some huge tricky hurdle. When I say more detailed, using our Spanish agents needs as an example, the amounts and descriptions of the items (needed for an inventory anyway). They also need on the spreadsheet, the address it was going from and to, a weight and a value.

The Value is a new and important piece of information. In our experience since Brexit, we have found that you base the value of your goods on a used 2nd hand value. So for example what you would pay at your local car boot sale for the items, not what it cost new. Also note that the value is what the Spanish Government is basing any taxes or Iva (Iva is Spanish vat at 21%).

While in some cases it is possible to get your belongings though Customs tax, where duty is not included, and these figures are worked out on the value you have supplied.
Some individuals will claim all items are their personal belongings are more than 6 months old and have no intention of selling them. So there will be no vat or duties on the goods. In our experience since Brexit, it is the person, and not whether the goods that qualifies for the Iva and or duty-free import.


* a copy of your passport
*a copy of your Spanish Padron (if held)
* Proof of UK and Spanish address
* Copy of your Spanish Nie
And a few other documents given on the day.


Please don’t read this and be put off thinking that moving to Spain has gotten really hard. Yes, the above may sound complex, but let me assure you as a mover who has completed many post-Brexit moves: As long as the mover is handling the paperwork for customs clearance, the only extra you will have to do is send them the documents they need and let them handle it.

One positive aspect for those moving from the UK to the EU will no longer have any VAT charged on their removal costs by the mover. However, iva/vat may be charged at time of import by the government.

So yes, it’s now a bit more expensive moving to Spain. There is more paperwork involved than there was pre-Brexit, and plenty more fees. However, as long as you use an experienced mover like ERS, Purdie Worldwide or any of the Euromover partners to handle your paperwork, your dream move to Spain is a go!

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