5 Steps to Moving Home

At Purdie Worldwide, we’ve been Moving Homes for over 60 years. We take great care and pride in what we do, and we do it well. Here are the 5 main steps to moving home you should undertake when moving home with Purdie Worldwide to ensure your move goes as safely as possible.

Steps to Moving Home
1. Download

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. With the majority using these devices daily to help navigate the new digital world in which we live. Where the entire knowledge of mankind is available to you at the touch of a button; Instant contact with friends around the globe, ordering meals to your door without leaving your sofa, moving home is the now becoming digital.

Downloading our new Moving App is just Step 1 in the digital moving process. Just click here, or search for Purdie Worldwide in the App Store or Google Play and download our app to get started!

Steps to Moving Home
Step 2. Video Survey

The easiest of our steps to Moving Home. Load up our app and choose Removals, then click on Domestic Removals to get started.

The quickest way to get a quote or price for your move, is to choose Home Survey, then DIY Survey. You can also choose to request a quote, or schedule a video survey with one of our surveyors. However these are normally booked up a few days in advance. By doing a DIY survey our team can look at your video as soon as it’s sent through and get a quote based on your video walkthrough.

Choose DIY Video Survey to begin the video process. Fill out your contact details, tell us the address your moving from, and the address you’re moving too. If you don’t know your new address that’s fine, just select yes where it asks if you require temporary storage. Fill in your moving date if you know it as well. This way we can check our diaries to see if we have availability.

diy-survey-guide-steps to mvoing home

Now the easy bit! Go outside the front of your home and select Outside Access Video. Record a short video that illustrates the access to your home. Is there parking outside? Is it a top floor flat? We need t0 know exactly where we can park, and how far from the front door we have to carry your goods. If you do live in a flat with a lift, show us the lift too!

Next, click on Main Level Walkthrough. Start at your front door and film the ground floor of your property. Go into every room you need furniture or goods moved from. Be sure to show us inside cupboards. Ideally give us a voiceover and tell us exactly what needs to be moved, or tell us if certain things are staying.

If you have an upstairs to your home, do a seperate video for that in the Upper Level Video section. We do offer a full packing service, and even a dismantling service. Perfect if you need a bed or two dismantled before moving (Re-Assembly also available!).

Once your videos have uploaded, double check your details and click Submit to send us your DIY Survey to be quoted.

Steps to Moving Home
Step 3. Quote

You’ve completed a home survey, either by yourself, or with one of our surveyors.

Depending on the various options you’d like for packing and storing, you should recieve your quote via email and to your online account within 48 hours of completing a survey. You can access your online account with us at anytime, just visit our portal or visit your account within the mobile app. From within the portal, you can also chat directly to your move co-ordinator. They can help if you need to amend a quote or add in insurance at a later stage.

Be sure to check over your quote and ensure all the details are correct. Each quote is split into 2 halves. The first half you keep for your records (Inland Quotation), then the second half (Inland Acceptance), you complete and return to us digitally or by post. At the top of each quote is your name and unique reference number. Below this will be the origin and destination addresses. In the main column is where your move is detailed along with the cubic capacity (volume) to be moved. If you’ve asked for additional services such as packing and dismantling, these will also be show here. At the bottom of the main section will be the removal plan and the proposed date of the move. For example: Removal Plan: 3 man removal starting from depot at 7:30am

quote-move-home- steps to moving home

Insurance is also offered here at a rate of 14% of the move. This is offered over and above the standard goods in transit policy, and liability cover, we have as standard on every move. If you do take the extra insurance you will need to declare the value of your goods during acceptance.

The entire cost breakdown of the move is then shown alongside the additionals services. As with modern verification standards, you will also note a blurb about the cooling off period, where you can change your mind, or amend the contract without penalties.

Steps to Moving Home
Step 4. Book

You’ve had your survey done, we know the volume to be moved, and you’ve received your quote. Now the next steps to moving home is to get booked in!

The second half of your quote is the acceptance part. You need to fill this in manually and send back. Or for ease, complete it and send it to us electronically.


The standard acceptance begins by asking if you’d like to take insurance. If you do take insurance you need to input the value of your goods. You do not need to put a value if you’re not taking the insurance. We also ask if you’d like to donate £2.50 to Macmillan Cancer Support. If you do, we’ll match this £2.50 with the aim of sending £5 to Macmillan Cancer for every move we do, as long as everyone donates! All that’s left after that is to insert your preferred payment details and send it back to us.

As soon as you’ve completed your acceptance, call us to get you booked in and take payment. We require full payment upon booking, with all monies protected by the BAR advanced payment guarantee. All terms and conditions are included within the original quotation. When you call us, be sure to have your quote reference number to hand.

Steps to Moving Home
Step 5. Move

The finals step to moving home. It’s moving day! Some say it’s the most stressful time of anyone’s life. However, with Purdie Worldwide in charge, moving home has never been so easy or stress free!

If you’ve done the entire moving process, step by step with our app, you’ll have been receiving regular text updates. Little reminders to help you keep your move on track.

As with standard Covid-19 protocol, we get all of our customers to complete a Covid-19 mandate like this one here, before the move takes place. This ensures the safety of both the customer and staff.

On the day of your move, you’ll be greeted by one of our senior porters or drivers. They will tour the property first to identify any potential hazards, before going over the removal plan one final time. Then all you need to do is sit back and relax! Let us do all the hard work for you! If your move does involve an exchange of keys, we also highly recommend taking a late key waiver! Just incase things don’t go to plan at the solicitors side, it’s always handy to be covered in case of keys being late.

So what are you waiting for? Download our app and get moving today!

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