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You may have noticed when booking a holiday or flight online, it will be covered by ABTA & ATOL. So if the worst should happen, you can claim your money back. The BAR Advanced Payment Guarantee does exactly the same, but for your move!

What is the BAR Advanced Payment Guarantee Scheme?

Moving home is an anxious period of time for anyone. To avoid potential headaches, choose a removal company who is a member of the British Association of Movers (BAR for short).

Every member of the BAR operate to extremely high standards. Part of becoming a BAR member involves a long checklist of items, including being financially vetted.

As is standard practice for all BAR members, payment must be taken upon booking. This may worry some people, but the Advanced Payment Guarantee scheme is designed to remove that issue completely.


The new BAR Advanced Payment Scheme started in 2017, where it replaced the IMMI Payment Guarantee scheme. This scheme ensures that if your removal company does suffer some financial meltdown, you’ll be refunded all of your money.

Are Purdie Worldwide part of the APG scheme?

As one of the UK’s leading removal specialists, performing both domestic and overseas removals, it’s no surprise that Purdie Worldwide are part of the BAR. You can even check out our membership by clicking on the BAR logo in the footer of the site.

Not only does this give the consumer complete peace of mind, but allows Purdie Worldwide to stand out from other removal companies. We are one of the few removals companies who qualify not just for the Domestic APG badge, but the Worldwide APG too! So every move is covered for those private individuals choosing to move with Purdie Worldwide.

How to check if your move is protected with APG

The quick and easy way to check and see if your move is covered by the Advanced Payment Guarantee, is to see if your mover is displaing the new 2021 Advanced Payment Guarantee logo on their website. Only legitimate members can display these badges. These come in 2 variations as shown below. One that covers Domestic moves within the UK. Then another that covers Worldwide Moves. As you would expect, Purdie Worldwide provides cover for Worldwide Moves.

You can also check their BAR membership status at the BAR website here. Members who are capable of doing Overseas moves will also display a BAR badge with Overseas Remover underneath. These additional badges offer further reassurances to the customer. The BAR Overseas Group is acredited to the FIFI FAIM Standard. They are also members of the International Movers Association (IAM).


What doesn’t the APG scheme cover?

It’s key to remember that the Advanced Payment Guarantee scheme is not an insurance policy, so you won’t be covered in the event of your goods being damaged or lost in transit. The Advanced Payment Guarantee scheme only offers to reimburse you for your removal cost, not the cost of your goods.

Although we have liability cover in place, we always offer extra insurance that covers the items being moved against being damaged or lost. This is an entirely seperate cost and if the move is an overseas move, you will be offered Maritime or Shipping Protection Cover as a separate cost.

The Advanced Payment Guarantee scheme also doesn’t come into effect if you’ve paid by credit card. It only works if you’ve paid with a debit card, bank transfer, cash or cleared cheque.

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