Why we’re a Which? Trusted Trader

Becoming a Which? Trusted Trader is one of the best things a professional business can do. Not only does it set you apart from other competitiors, it promotes legitimate reviews, and encourages open dialogue between owner and client.


Regardless of what industry you’re in, or what standards you uphold, becoming a Which? Trusted Trader is a big deal. Whether you’re choosing a joiner, a plumber, or even a vet, you always want to check their reviews and feedback before making your choice. That’s why becoming listed on the UK’s most well known review site was of particular importance to us.

However, just being listed as a Trusted Trader isn’t everything. You need good reviews to make sure you stand out from the competition! So even after several years of being a Which? Trusted Trader we’re still improving and building on our good reputation.

By keeping your Trusted trader profile up to date, it acts as the perfect mini-website for your business. You can add in as many pictures as you’d like in order to show off your business. With the right to reply, you can even reply to the reviews posted to your page. By doing this, you’re acknowledging a customer even after they’ve paid for your service. To anyone reading the reviews posted, this looks like the company truly cares, mainly because we do! We actively investigate any poor review we recieve and put processes in place to improve our level of service.


Using the Which? Trusted Trader Logo

The Which? Trusted Trader logo is recognised across the UK as a sign of quality. We use this logo to our advantage across many forms of advertising. From the stickers on every single truck, to the Which? logo on all our quotes and invoices. This helps reassure the customer that they’re in safe hands.

We regularly add the Which? Trusted Trader logo into our social media posts. Tagging Which? where and when we can in order to gain more visibility. Even our uniforms, from the jackets to the t-shirts, all have the Which? logo proudly embroidered on the sleeves.

Trusted Trader Housemover

Embrace the Competition

Let’s face it, you want to be bigger and better than your nearest rival. You’ve risen above the mediocre, but you’re still not at the top. Take a look at your competition, check to see what sites they’re actively seeking reviews for. Some businesses focus on google reviews, which are by far and away the most easily accessible reviews. However, they’re not always correct. You still have the right to reply, but being so open ended, anyone with access to the internet can post a review about your company. This isn’t the case with Trusted Trader. If you want to post a review then you need to input your invoice number. This stops almost all fraudulant reviews, ensuring that the reviews you see online are 100% genuine.

So take a look at your competitor’s trusted Trader page if they have one. Check the number of reviews they have and the quality of them. Use this as a guide of what to aim for. If you’re surpassing your nearest rivals, then maybes it’s time you applied to be a Which? Trusted Trader of the month!