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Here at Purdie Worldwide Moving Matters to us. No matter how big or small your move is, we will move you safely and on time, which is more than can be said for non approved removal companies. We’re getting daily reports of people being held to ransom by their removal company with little or no protection. So what can you do to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible and ensure you choose an approved mover?

With the housing market now stronger than ever, we’ve seen a record number of people wanting to move homes. This has left the door open for many single vehicle operators to start their own removal business. With just one van and a home address as their company HQ, they charge by the load. We’ve had several calls from struggling movers that have been let down or are being held to ransom by their moving company.

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A recent case was brought to our attention where we lost out to another moving company based on price alone. What the customer didn’t realise was that the cost they were given was per van load! So their £400 move turned into a £1200 move when the company had to do 3 runs in their small 3.5t van! This would NEVER happen at Purdie Worldwide. The price on your quote is the price you’ll pay, end of.


When choosing an approved mover, never ever pay for a removal unless you’ve got a contract. As a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR), we along with every other BAR member, adhere to a strict code of practice and always take payment upon booking. This means that for every move we do, we must have a contract in place between ourselves and the customer.  The contract itself should outline the exact volume of goods to be moved, an origin address and a destination address.

We also include a removal plan as part of our contract. This plan outlines exactly what time and what type of truck will be performing the move, along with a cost breakdown including any insurance you may have taken.

With this contract in place, your move is guaranteed to go ahead. If something should arise that causes your move to be delayed, for example a covid outbreak. With the contracts in place we’re contractually obliged to fulfill the move. If any issues arise the BAR can step in to provide a relevant course of action for both parties. You can read more about our standards and terms and conditions here, or check it out directly from the BAR here.

Advanced Payment Guarantee

Every member of the BAR operate to extremely high standards, and as such are approved movers. Part of becoming a BAR member involves a long checklist of items, including being financially vetted. As is standard practice for all BAR members, payment must be taken upon booking. This may worry some people, but the Advanced Payment Scheme (APG) is designed to remove that issue completely.

The new BAR Advanced Payment Scheme started in 2017, where it replaced the IMMI Payment Guarantee scheme. This scheme ensures that if your removal company does suffer some financial meltdown, you’ll be refunded all of your money. So even in the unlikely event that your move was unavoidably cancelled, you’re still entitled to your money back, or have a credit to move at the next available date. Only available with an approved mover!


It seems an obvious thing to say, but you should always check the reviews of your chosen mover. Whether you’re moving just across the road, or across continents, you want to make sure you trust your movers with your prized possessions. At Purdie Worldwide we reply not only to our Google reviews, but we also invest heavily in our TrustPilot reviews. As a previous winner in a national competitions, we know that Moving Matters and how crucial reviews and feedback can be in this new digital world.

Choose Wisely...

When choosing your approved mover, check to see that if there has been negative feedback has the trader responded, or just ignored it? If they’ve responded to the negative feedback, it’s always a good sign that the company are at least monitoring their feedback channels, and are keen to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Other review sites to check out your chosen removal company also include Trustpilot, ReferenceLine, Yell or even Facebook. So remember, if you get a quote that seems to good to be true, it probably is. Ensure you chose an approved mover by following our advice, and your move should go as smoothly as possible!

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