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When to Book your Removal Company

With the UK housing market back in full swing, home movers have been busier than ever trying to snap up every last property. This has resulted in delays in moving chains, and customers being given bad advice regarding booking their removal company. We set the record straight and detail exactly when is the best time to book your removal company?

Book your Removal Company in Advance

Here at Purdie Worldwide, the majority of our house moves are booked 4-6 weeks in advance. In general terms we find ourselves normally booked solid for 2-3 weeks in the future. So trying to book a removal company the week before, or even the week of your move can be very tricky! It leaves little time to get things packed, or contracts completed if it’s left to the last minute to book. You will also find the choice of mover to be very limited if you don’t book your removal company at least a month in advance.


If you’re planning to move on a Friday or the weekend, then contact your removal company as soon as possible. Along with school holidays, these days are always the busiest for a removal company. So get in touch with a few removal companies in order to get a few quotes to compare against.

Standard Practice

We would also always suggest using a BAR registered mover. If the company you’ve picked is a member of the British Association of Removers, then you know you’re going to be in safe hands. As is standard practice for all BAR members, a contract between the mover and customer has to be signed and in place before a move can take place.

We would never recommend booking a mover, or man with a van, without a contract in place. By all mean ask for a quote for different provisional dates. That way you can weigh up your options well in advance and avoid any potential delays. However, we can’t stress it highly enough to ensure you’ve got a contract in place and you’ve read it fully before you book your removal company.

Most BAR members also participate in the Advanced Payment Guarantee. This ensures that when you pay for your removal upon booking, you’re money is in safe hands. Even in the unlikely event the removal company goes under, your move will still go ahead, or pay up to 150% of any additional costs. You can read more in our dedicated blog article about the Advanced Payment Guarantee.


Solicitors and Estate Agents

If you’re moving from one house to another, there’s more than likely going to be solicitors and estate agents involved. If you’re part of a chain, and the first house in a chain falls through, then the rest of the moves in that chain can’t happen.

As has been the case for many years, solicitors and estate agents have always recommended to book your removal company as far in advance as possible. However, in recent months we’ve noticed a considerable increase in inquiries for house moves to take place that week, or in some cases the same day. This has been due to the current trend of high demand and low stock in the housing market.

As such, solicitors and estate agents are desperate to hang onto your money for as long as possible, and gain on the interest. To make this work, they’re advising their clients to book your removal company as late as possible in case the sale falls through. Something we don’t agree on!

While ultimately we’re at the mercy of your solicitors until the sale is finally “completed”. We would always recommend booking your move as far in advance as possible. It’s always easier to reschedule than it would be to try and get a last minute booking with a reputable mover. Work with all parties involved to get a clearer picture of your unique moving process. Figure out when will be the best day to move, communicate this to everyone involved, and try to stick to that time frame when trying to book your removal company.

You can get a Quote for you next move by filling out our domestic move enquiry form. Or if you want an even quicker response, download our new Moving App!

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