Covid Update – November 2021

At Purdie Worldwide the health of our customers and staff is of utmost importance. We aim to provide not only the best way to move home, but also the safest. Read on to find out what changes we’ve made as part of our covid update, to ensure your move goes smoothly and safely during this difficult time.

Covid Winter Update

The first thing you’ll notice when arriving at Purdie Worldwide HQ is the signage on the door before you enter the premises;

We’ve got the usual reminder to wear a mask before entering and not to enter should you have any covid symptoms. Along with spot markers to promote social distancing, we have hand sanitizer stations installed in reception and at every self-store entry door.

maskeddriver- covid update

We’ve also changed the number of people allowed in closed spaces. This is in line with current government guidance, and has appropriate signage where necessary. Also installed at every self-store entry/exit are 2 signs. One to remind customers of social distancing, and the other to request the use of hand sanitizer.

As part of an additional covid update we’ve also updated the signage in the canteen, transport office, warehouses and smoke shelter.

Every single covid update can be found in our online Covid Handbook. Now at version 1.5 this is constantly updated to ensure every move is as safe as possible.

Customer Mandates

All of our customers can do their part to help us beat Covid. We’re asking for every single move we undertake, that the customer complete a Covid Mandate before we arrive on site. This declaration asks the customer to have all windows and door open at the properties. Stay clear from our crews where possible, and if they’ve got any symptoms to let us know. That way we can rearrange the move to a more suitable date if there’s the potential for infection. You can read the entire covid update mandate we send to customers here.

purdies-foggers-covid update


In order to keep things as clean and safe as possible we’ve increased the cleaning schedules at Purdie HQ. We have a dedicated cleaner that comes in twice a week, who also deep cleans the communal areas and implemented cleaning checklists throughout the business.

An additional form of protection comes from our fogging machines. These completely sanitise a room within minutes and are used throughout the offices at Purdie HQ, with the date and time logged. These are also used on-site when required by our teams.


So please be rest assured that you’re in safe hands when moving home with Purdie Worldwide. Even if you’re a self-store customer of ours you will have noticed the sanitiser stations and new cleaning protocols we have in place. If you have any questions about our Covid policy or procedures, then feel free to call us on 0800 043 6683, or drop us an email.

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