Booking a Self-Store Appointment

Due to the global pandemic over the past few years we’ve had to create a solution to not only make moving easier, but to also keep track of our self-store customers. We also wanted to allow them to book a self-store appointment themselves without any staff interaction. This reduction in person to person contact will also help reduce the spread and transmission of the virus.

The most recent update of our moving app has a bigger focus on our current customers. Read on to explore a step-by-step guide for booking a self-store appointment.

Step 1 - Download Our App

To get started booking a self-store appointment, you need a smart phone. Whether your an Apple user or an Android user, our app is available to both platforms, and totally free!

To download you can visit our Moving App page. Or just search for Purdie Worldwide in the App Store or Play Store and download and get started. It’s totally free and won’t cost you anything.


Step 2 - My Account

Once you’ve installed the app, open it and you should be presented with the screen as shown below on the left. Click the My Account button to access the main customer portal. Once inside the portal you want to click on the 4th button down that says Self-Store Visit or Tour to get started booking a self-store appointment.


Step 3 - Select Where & When

Now you need to select the warehouse in which your self-store unit is located. If you can’t remember the warehouse, then go by the unit range in brackets. For example unit 55 would be located in warehouse 2, as warehouse 2 is home to units 1 to 63.

Now select the date and time you’d like to visit your self-store. You can book as late as one hour before your appointment, or up to a month in advance. Fear not, if you need urgent access within the hour, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to slot you in.

Please also note, the 30 minute appointment time is just a guide to set the appointment intervals. You can stay as long as you want, up to 15 minutes before closing time.


Step 4 - Logging In

When you first took out your self-store, our team will have automatically created an account for you. So there’s no need to fill in all the details for a new account. Just click the LOGIN HERE button to begin.

You will be prompted to enter your email address. Enter the email address we have on file for you, and click Get Login Code.


Step 5 - Two Factor Authentication

For security purposes we use 2 factor authentication. When you’ve entered your email address at the previous stage, a verification code is then sent to the mobile number we have listed on the system for you.

Simply enter this verification code to continue, or click Get it by email, to send the code to your email address instead.

Once you’ve entered the code, ensure the self-store number we have listed is correct. Now tick the terms of service box if you agree, and click continue.


Step 6 -Confirm the Self-Store Appointment

Almost there! This is the final step in booking a self-store appointment. Check the details for your appointment are correct, then click confirm booking. You will be sent a confirmation text and a confirmation email detailing your appointment.

Just remember to check in at reception to get your warehouse access fob, and please return these fobs to reception when you have finished your visit.

(p.s – 30 minutes is just the interval time, you can spend as long as you want at your self-store unit. However we do ask that you vacate your self-store 15 minutes before closing time.)

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